Chinese New Year Dinner at PCTH 2009

The other day, during Chinese New Year where people still in Holiday mood, not much training are going on. We was invited by Penang Chinese Town Hall (PCTH) to their Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner on 6th February. Choo Hooi reserved 2 tables for PFSC.
I off work late, directly go to PCTH from office. I met Kok Wan at entrance, he said didn't see anyone yet. I told him, there already inside. We was warm welcome by the lion dance.
Without further ado, first dish served:

lou san only as no salmon in it. (save cost save cost)

after. Lou dei fung shan shui hei.

cold plate normally is the first dish for most of the dinner. But people lou san during Chinese New Year. To be specific, it on 7th day of Chinese New year if not mistaken.

then only opening by hitting gong.....tong~~~!!!!tong~~~~! tong!!!!~~~

artificial shark fin soup. don't expect it real shark fin and also no good to eat real shark fin.

served by team manager, our honour!

then kentucky fried chicken with some keropok!

pork + vege!

sweet sour and spicy fish. in short sar bee hu (3 taste fish)

still hungry? then carbo (mee) will be the last dishes for the night. better eat if you still hungry.

Beer + Lychee = dessert?
Kena a few round of bottom up of beer, I try to fill my glass with the lychee, jelly to avoid they pour the beer. but end up, I have a beer!!
Normally, (PFSC culture) we'll continue second round after dinner but don't know why that night we didn't continue second round. May be too tired after working or may be no kaki and we save it for tomorrow (another date). My ex-colleague are asking to clubbing at MOIS next day because she got friend come back from UK, they want to find out how is the club and people in Penang. So, we keep it for tomorrow but some are going to karaoke.

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