2009 Plan & Focus

Management has come out a plan for the team and area to focus in 2009. Like everyone else setting a resolution for a new year, our team also have a few objective to achieve and many race to compete in. Management do not hope or wish that our team can do it because hope is not a strategy. Management will make it happen and action speak louder than talk.
What excited is the 60 repetition push up and RM1 fined for those who late to scheduled training time. If you did not wear Penang Forward Jersey, it will be another 60 push up + RM1 fined. Think properly before you try to late or wearing others team jersey that you exchange. RM1 is not a big deal but 60 counts push up is not easy. (unless you try to cheat) Of course there are some strong members can do it without problem but remember, you still have training to go on.....! You can think positively, you gain more for the punishment....then try to come late (".)
With this rules applied and agreed by members, we've solved the time management issue as well as some discipline improvement in the team. Discipline is the keyword to become more successful than others like Simple truths said:
"Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work toward them everyday, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor.
You've heard it said that, "you can't hit a target you can't see."
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."
Wayne Gretsky said, "You miss every shot you don't take."
It seems that only 3% of adults have written goals and plans, and they earn more than the other 97% put together.
Why is this? The simplest answer is that, if you have a clear goal and a plan to achieve it, your focus is fixed on a set course of action. Instead of becoming sidetracked by distractions and diversions, your time is focused on a straight line from start to finish. This is why people with goals accomplish so much more than people without them.
The tragedy is that everyone thinks they already have goals. But what they really have are hopes and wishes.
A wish has been defined as a "goal with no energy behind it." Hope is not a strategy.
Goals that are not written down and developed into plans are like bullets without powder in the cartridge. People with unwritten goals go through life shooting blanks. Because they think they already have goals, they never engage in the hard, disciplined effort of goal setting, the master skill of success.
USA Today reported on a study a couple of years ago. First, researchers selected people who made New Year's resolutions. Then they divided these people into two categories: those who made New Year's resolutions and wrote them down, and those who made New Year's resolutions, but neglected to write them down.
Twelve months later, they followed up on the respondents in this study. What they found was astonishing! Of the people who made New Year's resolutions but neglected to write them down, only 4% actually followed through on their resolutions.
However, among the group that took a few minutes to record their New Year's resolutions, 44% followed through on them. This difference of more than 1100% proves the simple act of crystallizing resolutions or goals on paper increases likelihood of success.
In my experience of working with several million people over the past twenty-five years, the disciplined act of setting goals, making plans for their accomplishments, and then working on them daily, increases the likelihood of achieving your goals by ten times, or 1000%.
This does not mean that goal setting guarantees success, only that it increases the probabilities of success by ten times. These are very good odds to have working in your favor.
So, it just a simple act to write down your resolution and make your goal clear, same like what management do here. All the target has been set and many action has been taken, you just need to join in and focused on the goals, we just need to row in straight line from start to finish in a few minute. simple as that!

Dog also come to the team meeting.

(post like a motor rock band album jer~~)

(sit like bangla worker jer...)

Pay attention and listening to.....

angmo coach

Team manager

and captain

Boon Chin give some feedback and comment

Ah hun help his dog PCC

It funny....! hahaha!

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CASP Children's Red Ribbon Party

Community AIDS Service Penang held the Children's Red Ribbon Party on 7 December 2008 at Bukit Dumbar. The toy collected and games received were distributed to these children on that day. Special thanks to Bananananaspeaks and Evelyn unplugged for their kind donation of the books, toys and games. God bless you for your good work.
We hope to give more to these children by having an Endurance Charity Row (12 hours rowing) events on June 2009 at Queensbay Mall Sea front. You can share the information around. We target to archive RM100k donation from Public.

there your toys go. :-)

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23rd Club Anniversary Cum FAME 2009

Yeah p^.^q .....it FLAMING on our 23rd Anniversary celebration dinner. It start HOT with belly dance. 3 Sexy belly dancers together with 3 cute little belly dancers make the opening a ka-boom....! Too bad, I was busy with registration and membership collection, unable take photos for the show....! however, I enjoy the show very much. Lisa's daughter, a cute fatty dancer and little shakira re-born belly dancer take the performance to another level.
It follow by a speech from Choo Hooi, Pascal and others VIP, YB and so on....what we do is eat, hungry d....wtf!

However, I only manage to eat first 2 dishes (Leng Plate and Hu Chi (Sharkfin)) because the program continue with some introduction about Paddles for Hope Charity Events. Which we'll row for 12 hours around Queensbay area, hope to collect donation from public for a few organisation like CASP (Community AIDS Service Penang - www.casp.com.my), House of Hope (Support Single Mother) and some old folk home. (I'll get as much details as possible on these non-profit organisation if it align with your objective to help them)
Our goal is to archive RM100k on this charity events. On that night itself, we managed to collect about RM2600 on the spot. I and Conor take the pile and walk from one table to another table, "uncles and aunty ar, brothers and sister ar, these children born with AIDS infected and their parents abandon them. they have no choice at all, but you have choice to help them by donate some money to keep this CASP continue operation...kam siah, kam siah, thank you, thank you, god bless you....bla bla bla..! in less than 30 minute, I and Conor collected RM999.90 while others group like Penny and Hock Lye, Ah Hun & Michael, Luke and Apple also collected quite a lot of money. Compare to the goal of RM100K, it a good start! We have RM97K to go, will you help? Do let me know in message box or comment, any amount that you afford, we appreciate a lot.
From there, I missed chicken and vege....wtf! While I continue with Fish and Prawn. There are some games going on, Lisa drag Ah Hun, Ah Jin, Teong Ming, Michael, Steve and Hock Lye up to stage and dance. Whatever she dance, they have to follow. The crowd will be the judges, if you like the candidate, clap your hand or make some noise to support the candidate. First round eliminate 2 (Steve and Hock Lye), Second round eliminate another 2 (Michael and Teong Ming) and left Ah Jin and Hun to perform. Hun try to get people attention to play some tai chi / kung fu on stage to make the environment fun and hilarious. At the end, they both shared the victory for 1 bottles of liquors.
I did not take much photos during dinner as I hungry for food. Anyhow, we have official photographer to take photo for that night. You can check at PFSC Official Web site's photo gallery after some time. The dinner go on with some drinking beer competition. It separated into 3 categories, first categories is for non-drinker like Kok Teik, Hock Lye those cannot drink at all. The prize is one bottle of liquors won by others team rowers. second categories is for female only and last categories is for drinker. They'll drink a jug of beer with stroll....mean suck! wtf! First prize is Cordon Blue that worth about RM400++, follow by second prize and third prize is Volka. Ricky's brother won the first prize by finish the jug in a few second.....! you know...like those without the throat...damn fast!
It about the end of dinner but a real party is going to start soon. We was discussing which club to go. some suggest FAME some suggest MOIS. Young people think that MOIS is more happening but to bring some many people into MOIS it another problem. So, we end up at FAME. As usual, another round of drinking spree in FAME bring the atmosphere to peak....wtf!
Let the photo say it all...!
In Fame
Inside FAME...initially still not much people. As Penangite know, it not the hottest club.
These people drink bo kau (not enough) and cause them feel so sien and tired....kns!
camwhore with brothers
Camwhore in groups.
Crazy Shot
Some Idiots shot.
Say Hello
and a lot of middles finger shot....wtf! These people really international standard who use international language
Leng leng
many leng lui shot
Model Shoot
double dose
couple more shot
Podium Dancer, kaki shuffle, hot sexy dancer, dance with some real woman (check out michael), even ah khoo also on the dance floor....! woo hoo~~~!
Sawadeekap to some Thai's Friend.
kns....I'm a dam busy cameraman! I only took 1 photo during dinner but in FAME, i took more than 300 pictures in just a few hours (some was instruct not to upload due to sensitive information) . I went to Bangkok for 5 days 4 nights also took not more than 500 pics....wtf!!
check out my photo album at Picasa for more others photo.

Supper after clubbing, having a nasi kandar like this....really kns...!

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Hike to Penang Hill 46

Yesterday physical training was simple. In fact it is fun to go hiking with a big group of sport enthusiasts. We set to meet up 3.30pm at Botanical Garden. Compare to usual physical training time, it is a lot early. why? because we have our 23rd Annual Dinner that night. So, start early, end early and go to have dinner then party. No matter what, we still go to training! where are the rest of PFSC members when we go to Hiking?
I know one. He go to hair dressing his hair just for the Annual dinner....wahahaha! a very big night for him....!
This hiking was not compete with each others but to find out what is weakness among our rowers. We need an average rowers in Power, Aerobic Capacity, Flexibility, Strength. Some rowers are good in strength but not endurance. So, that rowers need to improve in aerobic capacity. We can't have everyone who good in every area but we'll make everyone average or above average on those area. We have a series of systematic and organized program ready by our physical coach, do come for the training to find out what is the program.
Monkey greet
Greet by Monkey when arrived at Botanical Garden
Ready to get set...!
go...!? not yet....! We'll timed for the hike (As I told you, it systematic)
Luke and Kok Teik will go up to 46 first to timed for individual members. While waiting for them to hike up, we was jog around in Botanical Garden
ru ready
Are you ready?
Path Slope
Look at the Path and the slope...!wtf...
Teong Ming: "Wassap~~~!!"
Chew Ko winning sign...!
unbelievable that Hean come to Hike until Quah said it going to rain in red....
Time Keeper
Time keeper!
Push up
At 46, We do some push up
Chin up
and chin up to test our strength and power.
After some briefing from Conor, We go down the hill.
Cool down
After we reach the bottom, we have a cool down jog back to starting point and do some stretching before dismiss.
 Resize of IMG_1756
You know what? it party time....!!! let check back for the FAME clubbing after the Annual Dinner.

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Sushi King Promotion

Sushi at Sushi King is not cheap. As you know:
A Kanikama (2 pcs of sushi with artificial crab stick) at blue plate cost RM2
A Tuna mayo (2 pcs of sushi with mayonnaise tuna) at Beige Plate cost RM3
A Sake (2 pcs of sushi with raw salmon on top of the rice) at Pink Plate cost RM4
A Vannamei (2pcs of sushi with prawn) at Red Plate cost RM5
A Unagi (2pcs of sushi with unagi ) at Purple Plate cost RM6

With RM2, I can have a lot of crab stick lok-lok.
With RM3, I can buy a can of tuna
With RM4, I can eat a plate of nasi kandar with fried chicken
With RM5, I can eat a prawn porridge with 2 big prawn
With RM6, I can buy a pack of unagi in Jusco store.
Even with their Sushi King RM2 Bonanza promotion it also not worth to eat, why? First, must have the sushi membership card. Second, have to queue up and wait very long. Third, have to wait for the sushi at Kaiten Belt. They don't take order except the sushi not fall under the promotion. They make the pink/red/purple plate at certain period only, that mean if you come in after the pink/red/purple over, you have to take the blue/Beige. fourth, you have to be fast else it will be gone once it touch the kaiten belt, it won't flow to your table at all. Fifth, it make your dining so tension that everyone is fighting for the sushi and people are waiting outside.....wtf!
So, chance drop by when the promotion "my111 sushi king" news spread around from friends. With the SMS charge RM3.50 for requesting the coupon, you can have Sushi King buy 1 free 1 that valid for a week from the date you request.
What are you waiting for? taruh, I mean makan kuat-kuat on sushi king la....! Gather a few friends that can eat and pergi bersama-sama makan sushi....!
Eat Sushi
Gavin and Melvin so happy when can eat Sushi King with Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion
next sushi king
We split into 2 tables for the sushi king dining. Which another table consume not much as have 2 ladies there
Calc Sushi King
Can't recall how much we ate that day even the sushi king employee need two person to verify the number of plate
Taller than me
May be you can count this way, it taller than me......wtf...!
After that day, we still visit a few time to sushi king, like "jiak poh siu" (revenge). We not let go although the coupon expired, we use another phone number to request for new coupon to buy 1 free 1 promotion until tuin kin (cut off/hate eating sushi)...wtf!
After sometime, we feel that we want to kick some ass, (I mean go to eat sushi) we request for another new voucher for the buy 1 free 1 promotion. But with some new term and condition where one visit can redeem up to 5 x buy 1 free 1 plate only. I not sure it is cause by us that sushi king set the new rules. However, we can always go to others Japanese restaurant like Sakae Sushi. The salmon plate only cost RM1.90 compare to Sushi King RM4.00....wtf!

*sushi photo are download from sushi king website. sushi king logo are trademark of sushi king

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