Steamed Crab Party

Just wondering when was my last update on the blog at PFSC. This all is because I get addicted on drama series. Whenever I got time, I choose to watch the drama. I just know why people called it Drama Freak.
I watched Heroes
and Prison Break.
Let cut the crab short. After the Pesta Race meet, we have another gathering at Hun's house - eating crab and crab around
crab party
I was late for attending Hooi Inn's wedding dinner at Cititel
Hooi Inn Wedding
The date the wedding held on 27th December 2008 is not that nice because lots of people already spending their holiday somewhere. Look at her table arrangement on that day:
Table arrangement
The colour part is occupied. You can see that a lot of table almost empty, some with 2 person and 3 person. However, the host still did not make adjustment by fill up the empty table and just let the table with only a few person. (where normally Chinese people will try to move and fill up the table)
Let come back to the Crab party. They actually have some steamboat before eating the crab. After eating the crab, then people start to crab around with a few round of Bombay Sapphire. We left at 2.00am in the morning when the house owner fall sleep on his sofa bed.
spidy or crab
Stay Tuned, I'll come back for more crab on 2009 regarding our Club activities, progress and events. Is this a crab or spider?
crab or spidy
Look like spidy but is a crab....(never see it before)

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