6KM run Youth Park, Penang

Last Weekend Physical Training at Youth Park. Not much people attend. I think is because of the weather. The day is not a sunny day and it not a raining day as well. Many others places raining in the afternoon, members assumed Youth park also raining. So didn't come to training. I arrived early about 4.45pm and go to have some stone walk before actual physical training.

Look at the image, it should be hot day. Anyway, this photo took on previous physical training.
this stone promote blood circulation, you can't be fast. One step at the time to feel the pain at each part. I took approximately 20 minute to finish a round back and forth.

While walking, enjoy the park view surrounded by green.

the red leave plant

a giant tree with parasite plant on it. Take a deep breath to absorb all the earth energy. hm~~~~!
I saw Conor cycling pass by and Ah Jin waiting at First Car Park at the Youth Park Gate. Only 3 of us, we thought to go hiking to number 5. Later, Ah Quah, Chee Boon arrived and follow by Ah Khoo. Ah Khoo come right after Intel Sea Training, very good spirit huh! Chee Boon not joining us training as his leg "huat hong" (injured) At the End, 5 of us go for 7K jogging again.....*syiok ka liao* This is second time long distance running.
It start from Youth Park Main gate run to Jesselton Height 1 round and run out to Jalan Utama then straight away run to Botanical Gardens. that not all, It  continue to run inside the Botanical Garden 1 round (small round) run back to Youth Park main gate using Persiaran Kuari. Here is the route:
Can you calculate the distance using the map scalar? I finish the route at 35.15 minute. Ah Quah at 31:XX minute, ah Khoo at 33:XX minute. It actually pressure by them to run 35:15 minute. First time, I run that distance took almost 40 minute to finish. This time, since small group of us, We run in the group. They let me take the lead but from their foot step at the back, I was pressure and pushing by them to increase my speed. Of course, I still keep on my breathing pace to finish the whole route without stopping.
Today, I simulate the time 35:15 minute on treadmill and I reach 6KM at 35:15minute at the speed 10.5. Feel proud I can finish the distance or run for 35 minute without stopping. it not only require physical but mentally also have to be strong.
Let post some of the photos took during last feel physical training:

the landscaping in Youth Park. very nice, isn't it?

The fountain. can't compare with fountain in Rome but this is very beauty fountain.

the tree...!

you can rest on the bend. very relax, isn't it?

eh....who that girl....haha!

waiting at First Car park

come and join us for training even you're not members of PFSC. it more fun to train in the group as well as improve in your physical by try to chase someone in front of you and avoid people at behind take over you. This train your mental as well

Proof of RM1 and 60 push up.

verify again. it not PFSC Jersey. This rule applicable to PFSC members only.

What make her so focus?

Her muscular Husband performing push up. mew: "he is my man!!!"
Not only wrong jersey get punishment, late comer as well.

stretching and cool down at the stage in youth park

froggy show!

After stretching and cool down, it still early. We go to Botanical Garden have a slow walk.

Botanical Garden Gate, wide open welcome you!

the tree branch at Botanical Garden

some others plant

tree branch camwhore. Look like some kind of horror movie, the plant hand is moving to catch you.

Chit Chating

while waiting for ah quah driver to pick him up

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