23rd Club Anniversary Cum FAME 2009

Yeah p^.^q .....it FLAMING on our 23rd Anniversary celebration dinner. It start HOT with belly dance. 3 Sexy belly dancers together with 3 cute little belly dancers make the opening a ka-boom....! Too bad, I was busy with registration and membership collection, unable take photos for the show....! however, I enjoy the show very much. Lisa's daughter, a cute fatty dancer and little shakira re-born belly dancer take the performance to another level.
It follow by a speech from Choo Hooi, Pascal and others VIP, YB and so on....what we do is eat, hungry d....wtf!

However, I only manage to eat first 2 dishes (Leng Plate and Hu Chi (Sharkfin)) because the program continue with some introduction about Paddles for Hope Charity Events. Which we'll row for 12 hours around Queensbay area, hope to collect donation from public for a few organisation like CASP (Community AIDS Service Penang - www.casp.com.my), House of Hope (Support Single Mother) and some old folk home. (I'll get as much details as possible on these non-profit organisation if it align with your objective to help them)
Our goal is to archive RM100k on this charity events. On that night itself, we managed to collect about RM2600 on the spot. I and Conor take the pile and walk from one table to another table, "uncles and aunty ar, brothers and sister ar, these children born with AIDS infected and their parents abandon them. they have no choice at all, but you have choice to help them by donate some money to keep this CASP continue operation...kam siah, kam siah, thank you, thank you, god bless you....bla bla bla..! in less than 30 minute, I and Conor collected RM999.90 while others group like Penny and Hock Lye, Ah Hun & Michael, Luke and Apple also collected quite a lot of money. Compare to the goal of RM100K, it a good start! We have RM97K to go, will you help? Do let me know in message box or comment, any amount that you afford, we appreciate a lot.
From there, I missed chicken and vege....wtf! While I continue with Fish and Prawn. There are some games going on, Lisa drag Ah Hun, Ah Jin, Teong Ming, Michael, Steve and Hock Lye up to stage and dance. Whatever she dance, they have to follow. The crowd will be the judges, if you like the candidate, clap your hand or make some noise to support the candidate. First round eliminate 2 (Steve and Hock Lye), Second round eliminate another 2 (Michael and Teong Ming) and left Ah Jin and Hun to perform. Hun try to get people attention to play some tai chi / kung fu on stage to make the environment fun and hilarious. At the end, they both shared the victory for 1 bottles of liquors.
I did not take much photos during dinner as I hungry for food. Anyhow, we have official photographer to take photo for that night. You can check at PFSC Official Web site's photo gallery after some time. The dinner go on with some drinking beer competition. It separated into 3 categories, first categories is for non-drinker like Kok Teik, Hock Lye those cannot drink at all. The prize is one bottle of liquors won by others team rowers. second categories is for female only and last categories is for drinker. They'll drink a jug of beer with stroll....mean suck! wtf! First prize is Cordon Blue that worth about RM400++, follow by second prize and third prize is Volka. Ricky's brother won the first prize by finish the jug in a few second.....! you know...like those without the throat...damn fast!
It about the end of dinner but a real party is going to start soon. We was discussing which club to go. some suggest FAME some suggest MOIS. Young people think that MOIS is more happening but to bring some many people into MOIS it another problem. So, we end up at FAME. As usual, another round of drinking spree in FAME bring the atmosphere to peak....wtf!
Let the photo say it all...!
In Fame
Inside FAME...initially still not much people. As Penangite know, it not the hottest club.
These people drink bo kau (not enough) and cause them feel so sien and tired....kns!
camwhore with brothers
Camwhore in groups.
Crazy Shot
Some Idiots shot.
Say Hello
and a lot of middles finger shot....wtf! These people really international standard who use international language
Leng leng
many leng lui shot
Model Shoot
double dose
couple more shot
Podium Dancer, kaki shuffle, hot sexy dancer, dance with some real woman (check out michael), even ah khoo also on the dance floor....! woo hoo~~~!
Sawadeekap to some Thai's Friend.
kns....I'm a dam busy cameraman! I only took 1 photo during dinner but in FAME, i took more than 300 pictures in just a few hours (some was instruct not to upload due to sensitive information) . I went to Bangkok for 5 days 4 nights also took not more than 500 pics....wtf!!
check out my photo album at Picasa for more others photo.

Supper after clubbing, having a nasi kandar like this....really kns...!

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