First Dragon Boat Training in 2009

It actually my first sea training in 2009. We never stop training after we defeated in Pesta Race on December 2008. It was so hard to believe but the fact is we lost, we're not fit enough and we have to accept that. People take many reason to blame and complaint, but we only need one reason - train even harder and win in next race.
These people believe in One Team, One Mind, One Goal:
Conor McManus
Physical Trainer - Conor McManus
Khoo Kean Tatt
Apple Ming Luke
Apple, Teong Ming and Luke
Junior 1
Junior Members
Junior 2
Jing Sheng, Junior, Yi Ting
Gavin and Beh
Gavin and New Member Ah Beh
Chee Boon and Beh
Chee Boon and Ah Beh (Previously Butterfly team's crew)
There are a lots more members like Hock Lye, Hun, Chew, Kah Boon, Cheong, Jin Hean, Chong Jin, Ah Sang, Michael and so on also believe that We can do it together. We just need to do one little thing to make a big difference like the story tell by Simple Truths:
"When I was in high school, I loved playing football. It was, and still is, my favorite sport.
But there was one part I hated...those first two weeks of practice in August, when the temperature often hit 100 degrees.
Coach Kilzer, however, knew the importance of those two weeks and he "took no prisoners"...the agility drills, the grueling windsprints, and finally the dreaded laps.
I still have nightmares about those five laps around the field in full pads following a three-hour workout.
My body after those first few days was so sore I could hardly get out of bed each morning. But as each day passed, the pain would lessen, and after three or four weeks, the transformation of being in "football shape" would happen.
Breaking bad habits is no different. The physical and mental pain can be grueling, whether you're trying to exercise more, smoke less, drink less, eat healthier, or work's never easy.
But the benefits to your health and to your attitude can be priceless. Breaking a habit starts with courage, ends with discipline, and is fueled by desire."
We just need to change, that all.
Dragon Boat
Well keep of the dragon Boat
The roller to roll the boat to sea. It break when only 2 roller take the whole boat weight where it suppose all the roller should carry the weight equally. This also apply to the team, where all rowers do their job, take the responsibility to row the boat to the finish line. There are no such things that is me or you in the team, only WE.
Today training was fun and fruitful one. We row from the base to the island near the bridge. Stop there and play "Kali dui" our childhood game (may be during 80') because some of the Junior members (90') don't know how to play this fun and simple game.
We row back from the Island back to base non-stop to end the sea training.
Lunch Weld Quay
We went for Lunch at Tree Shade Restaurant at Weld Quay after clean up. Check out Luc(6)ky for the list of food we order.

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