Eating out at Xun Xin Restaurant at Gurney Plaza

We went to Gurney Plaza walk walk, look see look see to check if can get any apparel for Chinese New Year. I fetch Gavin and Ah Hean around 4pm while Apple, Hock Lye go early at 3pm because they both "chu liao" (dating). Ah Hun also kambing to shop for New Year cloth and Luke purchased Mizuno sport shoe with 30% + 10% (World of Sport membership) discount which is very worth to buy. Apple also get a pair of Mizuno sport shoe with the same discount for last day.
Later, Michael join us for the meal at Xun Xin Hongkie Restaurant. Xun Xin was famous in the steamboat but it open up the Hongkie food at Gurney Plaza new Wing. The name pronunciation for this restaurant almost similar to Swensen (the Ice Cream shop). Michael was late and he called for many time still can't located the shop because he was waiting at Swensen. wtf....!
Xun Xin
Look Familiar? The steamboat restaurant was located at Jalan Tanjung Tokong, near Island Plaza, beside Petronas Station if not mistaken.
Hong Zui Pool
Look at the Feng Shui Pool, you know it not going to be cheap.
Design 1
The Staff having their meal at here too...!
The Design inside the restaurant
The View Outside
The view from our Table. It was raining...!
The Light
The Lighting!
The Setting
The Setting
The Meal
and the meal....zui kei porridge. (RM11.80)
Hean Michael Luke
The people, Hean, Michael and Luke
Hock Lye Liao
Hock Lye and his date.
Apple Liao
Apple and his date (Selina)
Gavin hun
Feel Sleepy after the meal. Some more raining outside...good to sleep
The food is not cheap, Fried Rice at RM11.80, Mee at RM12.80, Fried Kuey Teow at RM11.80. Drink start from RM2.00 onward and the tissue is charging. Anyway, the price is normal to have meal in Restaurant like this. You cannot compare the price at hawker stall. it different standard. The Zui Kei Porridge i order taste so so only. I more prefer the fish porridge at Cintra Street.
Salina was suggesting to share share the fried rice with Hock Lye's date. Then Ah Hun said: "cannot buay tao hu one la...."!!!
We continue shopping after the meal. Nothing much in Gurney Plaza new wing and we mostly shop on the sport wear shop. All is sportaholic, always training and! hahaha!
Getting bored? Let make some fun...!
live model
the live model.
The Khakis pant - RM69.90
The Red Shirt - RM49.90
The Eye Wear - RM699.00
The Milano shopping bag - RM4.90
Stand together with order fake patung in Parkson - Priceless

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  1. ck lam Says:

    I ate at this restaurant once but have yet to blog about it. Food are quite tasty and a bit pricey.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with all of us...we get to know so much about the on-going participation and activities :)

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