More Games Received for Community AIDS Service Penang

I got another games, book, toys contributed by nice people. This gift going to give away to children who infected with pity. They're born with AIDS, totally no choice, some more abandon by their family.....really wtf!!!
So, PFSC co-support to our Sponsor Freysinet help to collect toys and give to these children during Christmas day. I received first round of toys and this is second round of toys collected.
We no more accept toys but we do accept fund....*hehe*....if you want to donate for good course. :-)
So, what i got?

a gender female monkey toy (look at the flower, not the private part)
A brand new CJ7. this is good!
Some Dictionary and story book
56 board Games, another nice gift
Oxford Children Pocket Book of Facts, High School English Grammar & Composition and others books. Children should read more....
Datsun Road Safety Game. This one also nice!
This game similar to the "Poor Dad, Rich Dad" 's game. Which everyone assigned with a role and try to get out of the game by complete some of the tasks.
It called "The Six Million Dollar Man". Yeah....I'll become one soon :-P Like people line up outside B-Braun near snake temple with sign "Honk...honk...if you support our act". So, click click the advertisement bar if you support me....T______T
mini pool table
can't help to play one game myself. It fun doh...!
So, no more toys but we still accepting fund and welcome any click click on ads....wahahaha....hahaha...(very the 'kan' laugh ever....~~~!!!)

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Dehydration, when severe, can be life-threatening

Dehydration, when severe, can be life-threatening

Why is water so important to our bodies?
Water is extremely important for the well-being of our bodies because all our cells and organs depend on water for functioning. In fact, the basic unit of a cell is mostly water. Blood and saliva too contains mostly water.

For example:
- Water is a lubricant for organs to function normally
- Water forms the fluids that surround the joints and helps them work normally. This allows you to flex and extend your joints when you walk or perform ordinary chores with yours hands Water also forms the basis of your digestive fluids.
- Water regulates your body temperature by distributing and getting rid of excess heat through sweating.
- Water forms the basis of your urine and help detoxifies the body of waste products.

Water also helps prevent disease, decrease the risk of cancer and helps in the cure and recovery of various ailments when you do have them.

It has been published that drinking eight glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and it potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Why would anyone get dehydration?
An average adult loses more than 2.5 litres (2 and half coke bottles) of water a day by simply living, meaning to say by breathing, sweating and eliminating waste.

You will lose more than this if you are active, such as when you're exercising or standing out in the hot sun. If you have lost more liquid than you have consumed, then you will get dehydration, simple as that

Some causes are very common:
- You don't drink enough water. A lot of people don't do this because they claim busy work schedule or simply that they "forgot". Some people even lack access to clean water.
- If you are sweating excessively. This is especially when you are exercising or engaged in strenuous physical activity, and you forget you have to drink more fluids than usual. 

People who live in the tropics like us need more water than people living in temperate climates. Consequently, people who work outdoors in the harsh sun need more fluids than people who work in air-conditioned rooms.
- When you are having diarrhoea or vomiting. Beware especially of this in children and infants - it can be very serious. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million infants and children die from dehydration every year as a result of diarrhoea.
- If you are having a high fever
- If you are having increased urination due to diabetes or certain medications like thiazides or if you are drinking too much alcohol
- if you have extensive burns, whereupon you will lose fluid through your skin.

How will I know if I'm dehydrated?
You will know if you experience the following:

- Dry mouth
- Thirst
- Sleepiness of tiredness
- Going to urinate a lot less often or going for eight hours or more without urinating (for children)
- Muscle weakness
- Headache
- Dizziness
- Having few or no tears while crying if you are an infant or child

But if you have extreme thirt or extreme irritability with all those symptons, you are likely to have severe dehydration. If this happens, you have to go to hospital immediately because however much you drink will not save you in time.

In Children and infants, severe dehydration can manifest as extreme fussiness or sleepiness

Why is dehydration so dangerous?
Because it can cause heatstroke, swelling of the brain, fits, hypovolaemic shock, kidney failure, coma and subsequently death

How is dehydration treated?
It actually depends on how severe the dehydration is and your age. If it's mild and you're an adult, you can compensate by drinking lots of water or isotonic drinks. You should avoid all beverages with caffeine as they may temporarily make the dehydration worse.

For severe dehydration, it's straight to the hospital and rehydration by IV fluids

Sources: Dr.Y.LM, TheStar

After reading this, I believe you quickly go to grab a glass of water and grulup, grulup finish the water to keep yourself hydrated. So, whenever you do not drink water. Do come back always to read the article and DRINKS! =)

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Revisit to Penang Water Sport Center

That day training was changed to Penang Water Sport Center instead of training base at Macallum Street. Why? because we can rent 2 boat at Water Sport Center to compete with each other like Junior vs Senior or Mix Junior with Senior A vs Mix Junior with Senior B. If always training with own boat at Macallum Street, we can't get into mood of competition.

If you have another boat to race with, you just can't let go and loss to the other boat. it actually more excited and more fun. This world is full of competition, there old Arab quote that describe:

At home, I compete with my brother. I combined with my brothers, we compete with cousin brothers. I combined with my brothers , joined with cousin brothers, we compete with neighbour. I combined with my brothers joined with cousin brothers and neightbour, we teamed up to compete with next village. If we combined my brothers, cousin brothers, neighbour, next village, we compete with others state.....

Here it tell competition everywhere. Human behaviour originally is to compete, to race, to fight with each others. Peaces just a temporary, if not ally then enemy. even enemy, you also can combined with secondary enemy then fight with major enemy. 

So, we senior race with junior. we mix up junior and senior, then boat A race with boat B. if we combined whole team, we going to kick others team ass. simple as that! Are you all ready to kick your rivals ass?

Anyway, it tough to suddenly training with old boat. The boat is heavy, not enough leg room to extend leg, the seat is low to sit. overally it hard to row with old boat after we'd use the International Standard Boat approved by IDBF to training. Like computer, when you using Pentium MMX, you feel Pentium II is fast. After you use Pentium III, you think pentium II is ridiculous slow. However, when you use Pentium IV, you just wish that you have core2 duo core processor or quad core processor. if before you have Pentium IV, Pentium III or II exist, you know Pentium MMX is the faster processor you have. you don't even blame it take whole to start an application. However, people with Core2 duo processor just complain it take ages to start up or print a document......syiksss!!!

After trainng, we went to eat Bak Kut Teh near Padang Dato Keramat. The Bak Kut Teh located outside the sony shop lot

the soup so so only (that day)

We ordered bak kut teh and "yew chai" (vege)

only six of us - Hock Lye, Apple

Hun, Jin, me & Michael (late)

You know how much rice we ordered?

you count yourself....!

Hun took 4, others took 2 except Michael took 1. For that much of rice, you probably take whole week to eat....! ah hun really "fan tong" (rice repository)

After a vigorous exercise, people normally will go for a big meal except making love, you eat before you have sex....! eh....why i blog till sex? I think that it for today post.... XD

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Toys Collected for Community AIDS Service Penang

Remember I was asking for Toy Collection for the Children infected with AIDS and abandoned by their families? I got collected some cool and nostalgia toys from a friend.

First, I have Mickey Mouse soft toy

then minie mouse soft toy

and the twin minie mouse

Group photo for the mouse family (Mickey so lucky)

Police Patrol Car

the front wheel of mini is at top of the car (haven't replace yet)

flinstone version

this cool, power rangers toy. Come with explosive and others sound built in

Mr & Mrs Potato?

know how to play this toy? (press it down and release)

Mc Donald version

Old Jeep

music dancer spining

Hot Wheel Truck

it cool, got hot wheel inside!

This is cute, draw by a girl at standard 5. I found it at first page of a stamp book which warmed:"Close this stamp album or I shall skin you ALIVE!!" and guard by a garfield killer. I don't dare to open the stamp book. When i clarify with the owner, she said: 

"Errr, the stamp book... HAHAHAHHA!! I'm sorry.. the instruction on the book is no longer applicable..! Hahhaa! So funny. I don't know why I wrote that but maybe cos last time I don't like ppl looking into my stamp book because I am not proud with my collection. Only a few local stamps and the best ones I have was from China. 

And i don't like to collect stamps actually. Someone just give me a few stamps to start then bought me a stamp book. So i 'terpaksa' maintain it for 'eng siew' only :P"

I think most people will act so to protect their belonging/property. it is the most powerful lock and phase at that time. (why want a password to login windows huh, if we can apply this security which based on trust and respect!!!)

Beside Stamp Book, Got Health Education Coursebook

what this? can you guess?

ang ang ang! totemo daisuki do-rah-ehh-mon. A controlled doramon that look like fly in sky

some shape ruler. I used to draw many corak with this kind of ruler.

A lot of children books like teka-teki, kamus asa, pokemon, mathematic book and so on.

Riang Ria Series

and most nostalgia one is these cards. it really bring back some old memory especially the happy family card, the animal card as well as the soldier card. I just feel like want to keep it for myself. I guess you can't get this card anymore. so, it actually valuable. Some time take out to play with collegues or friends during break time also not a bad idea huh!!!

So...this are the toys i get from a generous friend. So, do you have toys want to contribute to the children during Christmas Day? you still can do so....! please leave me a message in comment before 23rd of November.....thank you very much! 


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Why you should run?

It is GOOD FOR YOU. It is a great way to explore the outdoors other than the nightlife stretch. YOU will LOOK GOOD. Girls will be IMPRESSED. You can CAUSE TRAFFIC JAMS. And STOP CARS And MEN IN THEIR TRACKS. You will never know WHOM YOU WILL MEET. It is a great way to EXPAND YOUR SINGLE NETWORK.

The Principle of Running
Another area that beginners need to concentrate on is the stress/recovery principle. With this beginners learn that they become fitter after they allow their bodies to recover after a workout. During recovery the body rebuilds itself to be fitter to handle more exercise. "In the case of running, this principle means that your heart, lungs and muscles become stronger between running sessions," says Rodgers.

Runners usually experience side stitches. Don't be alarmed. Just stop and walk. Take deep breaths. The stitch will go away.

Once you get the hang of it, you will join an unofficial worldwide network of runners. Runners who will tell you that running has changed their lives.

It will become obvious once you become a familiar figure on a particular stretch. if you run at dawn, the shopkeeper opening his shop will acknowledge you, and school children on their way to school will wave at you.

But more than that, when you unlace your shoes and put them away, you will look forward to the next day when you repeat the ritual.

First Walk, Then Run
At first it may seem silly. But seasoned trainers and runners always advise to walk and not to run first.

This helps build a fitness level. Running straightaway may hurt your body especially if you have been at a state of relaxed inertia.

New runners who are not accustomed to putting their bodies through a workout may have to start slow by walking and gradually running. Keep walking before anything else. The biggest hurdle, complain most beginners, is to stay with the programme. But once you do, you will find that you soon progress to running. By then your body knows what to expect. Then it is time to mix walking with running and then increasing the time for running.

Eight-time marathon winner Bill Rodgers recommends walking briskly for half an hour at a time, four times a week. Rodgers adds that the way to improve fitness levels is in gradual, small, consistent steps, rather than in great leaps.

"Start all of your workouts at a little slower pace than you think you need to. This slower pace gives your muscles and your heart and breathing rates a chance to warm up and increase gradually. You'll feel better if you ease into your workouts," emphasises Rodgers.

This tip not only helps you increase endurance but consistency as well

Another value tip is to ease your body into exercise mode with some stretching exercises. It is good to do this before and after your workout.

When running, remember to...
Warm up by jogging and warm down with an easy mile afterward.don't be over ambitious. Allow the exercises to develop your pace. Ease yourself gradually into the routine. Take one step at a time. Work out to about 50-100 metres of each exercise doing two to three times a week.

Reason to run
1. You can lose weight.

2. Regular running cuts down the risk of heart disease.

3. Your cardiovascular fitness improves.

4. You lose the urge to smoke

5. Once you start running, you begin to look after yourself. You improve your diet.

6. Running is convenient. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

7. You begin to develop a positive image.

8. It is inexpensive. You merely need a good pair of running shoe and the right apparel.

9. Your job performance gets better. You are more alert, can concentrate longer and solve problems faster.

10. You forge friendships with other runners. Great way to meet people.

11. Running is a great stress reliever.

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Toy Collection for Community AIDS Service Penang

Deepavali is over, the next festival of the year will be Christmas. What you could think of Christmas?

Christmas Tree?(you may buy it or chop it :-p)
Snow, snowflakes? (Malaysia don't have la)
Santa Claus? (You can find him at Shopping mall)
Reindeer? (not a real one, probably a decoration)
and mostly is presents I guess. (it time to shop for gift to exchange)

Have you ever think of contribute your old toy to Children infected with AIDS and abandoned by their families? Give them a wonderful Christmas as well!

It doesn't matter what toy as long as is in good condition. Come on, don't be shy....everyone have toys. I know you probably keep some exotic toy or dildo nowaday but we don't want that. (hehe...just kidding)

You may found babies doll, control car, robot cop, spiderman, lego, fishing tools for children, chess, superman, books, plastic pistol, batman, pokemon, doraemon, ultraman, aeroplane, tarzan, zoo sets, combat sets, thunder cat and so on.....!!! during housekeeping of your room.

You probably keep it long enough to be discover in the dust. So, why not take your toys and put a smile on the children face on this coming Christmas day?

We're collecting second hand (in good condition) and new toys for 50 children age 1 to 12, infected by the AIDS virus and abandoned by their families. Please leave me a message or comment if you have toys/books that you would like them to have by 23rd November 2008 (Sunday) so that we have time to sort them out and wrap them before their Christmas Party

You may check out the Community AIDS Service Penang at

Thank you for your Generosity

Let Fight AIDS and not people with AIDS

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