Toys Collected for Community AIDS Service Penang

Remember I was asking for Toy Collection for the Children infected with AIDS and abandoned by their families? I got collected some cool and nostalgia toys from a friend.

First, I have Mickey Mouse soft toy

then minie mouse soft toy

and the twin minie mouse

Group photo for the mouse family (Mickey so lucky)

Police Patrol Car

the front wheel of mini is at top of the car (haven't replace yet)

flinstone version

this cool, power rangers toy. Come with explosive and others sound built in

Mr & Mrs Potato?

know how to play this toy? (press it down and release)

Mc Donald version

Old Jeep

music dancer spining

Hot Wheel Truck

it cool, got hot wheel inside!

This is cute, draw by a girl at standard 5. I found it at first page of a stamp book which warmed:"Close this stamp album or I shall skin you ALIVE!!" and guard by a garfield killer. I don't dare to open the stamp book. When i clarify with the owner, she said: 

"Errr, the stamp book... HAHAHAHHA!! I'm sorry.. the instruction on the book is no longer applicable..! Hahhaa! So funny. I don't know why I wrote that but maybe cos last time I don't like ppl looking into my stamp book because I am not proud with my collection. Only a few local stamps and the best ones I have was from China. 

And i don't like to collect stamps actually. Someone just give me a few stamps to start then bought me a stamp book. So i 'terpaksa' maintain it for 'eng siew' only :P"

I think most people will act so to protect their belonging/property. it is the most powerful lock and phase at that time. (why want a password to login windows huh, if we can apply this security which based on trust and respect!!!)

Beside Stamp Book, Got Health Education Coursebook

what this? can you guess?

ang ang ang! totemo daisuki do-rah-ehh-mon. A controlled doramon that look like fly in sky

some shape ruler. I used to draw many corak with this kind of ruler.

A lot of children books like teka-teki, kamus asa, pokemon, mathematic book and so on.

Riang Ria Series

and most nostalgia one is these cards. it really bring back some old memory especially the happy family card, the animal card as well as the soldier card. I just feel like want to keep it for myself. I guess you can't get this card anymore. so, it actually valuable. Some time take out to play with collegues or friends during break time also not a bad idea huh!!!

So...this are the toys i get from a generous friend. So, do you have toys want to contribute to the children during Christmas Day? you still can do so....! please leave me a message in comment before 23rd of November.....thank you very much! 


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  1. Breyanna Says:

    Wonderful!! Collection of toys is fabulous.

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