Revisit to Penang Water Sport Center

That day training was changed to Penang Water Sport Center instead of training base at Macallum Street. Why? because we can rent 2 boat at Water Sport Center to compete with each other like Junior vs Senior or Mix Junior with Senior A vs Mix Junior with Senior B. If always training with own boat at Macallum Street, we can't get into mood of competition.

If you have another boat to race with, you just can't let go and loss to the other boat. it actually more excited and more fun. This world is full of competition, there old Arab quote that describe:

At home, I compete with my brother. I combined with my brothers, we compete with cousin brothers. I combined with my brothers , joined with cousin brothers, we compete with neighbour. I combined with my brothers joined with cousin brothers and neightbour, we teamed up to compete with next village. If we combined my brothers, cousin brothers, neighbour, next village, we compete with others state.....

Here it tell competition everywhere. Human behaviour originally is to compete, to race, to fight with each others. Peaces just a temporary, if not ally then enemy. even enemy, you also can combined with secondary enemy then fight with major enemy. 

So, we senior race with junior. we mix up junior and senior, then boat A race with boat B. if we combined whole team, we going to kick others team ass. simple as that! Are you all ready to kick your rivals ass?

Anyway, it tough to suddenly training with old boat. The boat is heavy, not enough leg room to extend leg, the seat is low to sit. overally it hard to row with old boat after we'd use the International Standard Boat approved by IDBF to training. Like computer, when you using Pentium MMX, you feel Pentium II is fast. After you use Pentium III, you think pentium II is ridiculous slow. However, when you use Pentium IV, you just wish that you have core2 duo core processor or quad core processor. if before you have Pentium IV, Pentium III or II exist, you know Pentium MMX is the faster processor you have. you don't even blame it take whole to start an application. However, people with Core2 duo processor just complain it take ages to start up or print a document......syiksss!!!

After trainng, we went to eat Bak Kut Teh near Padang Dato Keramat. The Bak Kut Teh located outside the sony shop lot

the soup so so only (that day)

We ordered bak kut teh and "yew chai" (vege)

only six of us - Hock Lye, Apple

Hun, Jin, me & Michael (late)

You know how much rice we ordered?

you count yourself....!

Hun took 4, others took 2 except Michael took 1. For that much of rice, you probably take whole week to eat....! ah hun really "fan tong" (rice repository)

After a vigorous exercise, people normally will go for a big meal except making love, you eat before you have sex....! eh....why i blog till sex? I think that it for today post.... XD

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