Concept2 Indoor Rowing and Les Mills Body Pump

Indoor rowing and body pump session

Date: 18 August 2010
Time: Night
Venue: Fitness Studio, Gurney Tower

This session, we started with indoor rowing using concept 2 rower and follow by Les Mills Body Pump program. Dragon boat paddlers training is madness, isn't it? To many people, it is tough to continue weight training after indoor rowing. You almost use all your energy in rowing. How to continue the body pump session?

If you ever attended Les Mills body pump session before, you know you try to keep up with the countless repetition on each exercise. You stop half way even join the class with fresh energy. How to keep up with the instructor after 3 sets of indoor rowing?

Besides good fitness level is required, you probably need a good mental in training as well. Fitness Level can be improve by exercise, the exercise that you keep on doing, enjoy doing it for a period of time. Then, you can start to feel the different, the changing in your body, the next level of your fitness level.

However, mental training is not easy to train. How to train your mental?

each paddlers will row 3 sets in concept2 indoor rower. 

How fast you can complete 500m distance? It required many input to achieve good time. want to know more, contact us :-)

Les Mills body pump class. 

sometime, people who join the class with cursed the instructor because of the countless repetition.....have you had this thought before?

Back to question earlier: How do you train your mental? there are many answer, my answer would be train in a group. When you train in the group, people with good fitness level inspired you, people that tried catching up pushing you to stay a little longer before give up. With competition in a group, you keep going and going to fight against and also together with each other. You'll soon find out you can keep up with the team in no time.

We do have sweet time after tough training. Just provide your name and birth date, we make sure you hate and love this club.... :-p

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Core Muscle Training is Important

Core muscle training
Date: 12 August 2010
Time: Night
Instructor: Luke Yee
Venue: Fitness Studio, Gurney Tower

Many people have wrong concept on dragon boat like dragon boat only use strength to paddle, dragon boat use arms only and etc. In fact, dragon boat use whole body muscle group not just forearm or back muscle group. Dragon boat is also a endurance sport not just strength exercise.

Today, we gather at Fitness Studio Gym at Gurney Tower to build not only strength and also flexibility. We focus on core strength which is the abdominal and back big muscle group. Without core strength, sport performance definitely reduced.

 crunches. How you do it? legs raised, shoulder off the floor and squeeze your abdominal, that is crunch. It look simple and easy, this focus on upper abdominal

Follow by legs raised. This exercise focus on lower abdominal. Those with 1 layer of belly fat it hard as the lower abs don't have the strength to lift up the legs. For those who can't feel burning while doing it, try to increase the repetition or add weight at anckles. No mercy to the belly fat, burn them off....!

Continue with "cycling". This exercise target on side oblique muscles group. shoulder off the floor, twist side oblique reaching left elbows to right knee and vice versa like cycling. 

Side Oblique hold or crunch exercise. posture have to be correct, many do it not right because the muscle group not strong or the butts are too heavy to lift it up. more to go...!

Bridge or plank also exercise target on core muscles group. Person with strong core strength can hold the position easily and steadily for a few minutes. Some people give it up half way or cheat by lift the butts up high swift the weight to other muscles group.

After that, we do stretching. 
Stretching prevent injury also improve flexibility. Many people have tight hamstring where you can easily spot on their face expression when you tried to pull a little bit.

Forward bent over also pulling the hamstrings. Person with good flexibility can reach to their toes without much effort. Some people bent their knee in order to reach the toes.

Due to bad posture, some people hunch. This exercise help to correct your posture by sitting upright and tall. 

Feel like building your core strength and flexibility? check our training schedule at What next? session.

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Makan Makan Over Physical Training

Date: 7 August 2010
Weather: Sunny
Photo Taken by: Chung Mei Ling

Chinese philosophy: The only thing that no change is changed. Why I come out this at starting line in the post? When I look at the old pictures, it remind me how was the good old days in PFSC especially on the members. 

Let me introduce some of the members used to be in the team:
Quah (Wearing the blue singlet) - inactive now. used to be first paddlers and good in running. Now probably focus more on business and new members in his family

Khoo (cheer in tomato) - still in physical training but can't commit in race as he is tied the knot with girl that we never see before....:-p congratulation

Satay (Front, shirt in yellow + red) - From boyfriend quickly upgraded to Husband 2.0 and now Father 3.0....congrat :-)

Sunny Kok (half face at the side) - inactive. Not sure what is the reason that he quit and now focus on bicycle. Hope he active again in DB as he is strong paddler.

William Ung (shirtless) - Shoulder Injured at the moment, promise to join back when ready.

Ho (White shirt behind William) - change his job hat and now police inspector who based in KL.

Kiefer (Last in the row) - inactive. quite new in the team and can't sustain. welcome to join again :-)

More member: Shinji, Ang, Michael, Apple, Tan, OJ.

We seldom do physical training at rowing site. I think this is the time we go for run before go down to water, else we would wear sandals rather than sport shoe.

cleaning dragon boat after physical training. We wash like a team.....haha. (a few wash, some stand, many talk and 1 taking photo :-p)

 after that, makan time. White Fungus soup and double chocolate is pretty awesome that Mei Ling prepare that food. You don't get to eat something like this over physical training.

This is the best one - the Fruit Jelly. Fruits more than jelly, can't eat it any where else. Only in PFSC by Chung Mei Ling. it is one of her signature dessert. Can you tell how many type of fruits are there?

Another Chung Mei Ling delicacy. Sour Plum tomato for chilling effect. Recipe from Chinese pharmacist. Stuff 1 sour plum in heart of tomato and store in freeze for good 4th days and you get the best balance of sweet and sour taste.

We miss the old members and also we stay for the food....nah! we love the food as bonus. Most important, we stay for the team.

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Celebration Dinner Party for the 1st CCCCC

Best part of Dragon boat competition is always end with celebration dinner. This is when you party with all the team both local and international. The celebration party for the 1st club crew championship for commonwealth countries was held at Bayview beach resort on 25th July 2010.

I didn't attend but we send representative on behalf :-p

 our tai ka cher (Big sister) with sexy

 it is look like gold? I can't remember what we won

and they just party hard like animal....(look at the monkey in the middle)

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1st Club Crew Championship for Commonwealth Countries 2010

I know...I know. I has been lazy and not keep the blog up-to-date. This event is 2 years back and 2012 almost come to the end. If I post recent event, then you may not see what happen for the last 2 years.

Don't confuse the Club Crew World Championship with this Club Crew Championship for Commonwealth Country. one is CCWC and the other is CCCCC. Penang hosted CCWC in 2008 follow by Macau in 2010 and Hong Kong 2012. CCCCC 1st hosted in Penang with the commonwealth country only.

Just to let you know, we never miss any event hosted in Penang as we're home team. big is our group

We're partnering with Penang Island Paddles Club in this event sending crews in many races.
PIPC team in Green color Jersey

and also orange color

Ladies team in black color.

We in white color. 2 years back, we were young (...and so nerd)

1 team, break down into 3 or more groups and race in a few categories. Imagine how big is our team. 1 boat got 18-20 rowers + 1 drummer +  1 steerman = at least 20 crews. 

At least 10 commonwealth countries participate in 1st CCCCC, it is big event in 2010 after CCWC on 2008.
Ex Team Manager - Hean, YB Danny Law and Mei Ling
Celebrating Joseph Chow's birthday (father of 2 or 3 now...maybe 4) 

we train hard and sync well. just notice I'm only one in black life jacket :-p
The beast
Breath-in, breath-out
are you wet already?
no kidding in the race...!
The sign of confident

all the way to the finishing line, no sense of playing at all

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