Concept2 Indoor Rowing and Les Mills Body Pump

Indoor rowing and body pump session

Date: 18 August 2010
Time: Night
Venue: Fitness Studio, Gurney Tower

This session, we started with indoor rowing using concept 2 rower and follow by Les Mills Body Pump program. Dragon boat paddlers training is madness, isn't it? To many people, it is tough to continue weight training after indoor rowing. You almost use all your energy in rowing. How to continue the body pump session?

If you ever attended Les Mills body pump session before, you know you try to keep up with the countless repetition on each exercise. You stop half way even join the class with fresh energy. How to keep up with the instructor after 3 sets of indoor rowing?

Besides good fitness level is required, you probably need a good mental in training as well. Fitness Level can be improve by exercise, the exercise that you keep on doing, enjoy doing it for a period of time. Then, you can start to feel the different, the changing in your body, the next level of your fitness level.

However, mental training is not easy to train. How to train your mental?

each paddlers will row 3 sets in concept2 indoor rower. 

How fast you can complete 500m distance? It required many input to achieve good time. want to know more, contact us :-)

Les Mills body pump class. 

sometime, people who join the class with cursed the instructor because of the countless repetition.....have you had this thought before?

Back to question earlier: How do you train your mental? there are many answer, my answer would be train in a group. When you train in the group, people with good fitness level inspired you, people that tried catching up pushing you to stay a little longer before give up. With competition in a group, you keep going and going to fight against and also together with each other. You'll soon find out you can keep up with the team in no time.

We do have sweet time after tough training. Just provide your name and birth date, we make sure you hate and love this club.... :-p

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