Playing Game at one of the Dragon Boat Training

One of the Training last year, I arrived the training site early with the games I received from niyniy. It was like 1 hour early on the scheduled training time. Even though, Apple, Hock Lye and Luke were already there. So, I asking them wanna play game since it still early? Apple the first one to assemble the mini snooker while Hock Lye and Luke separating the army card and animal card game.
Mini Snooker
Play Snooker
They pun start playing with the mini pool....dam funny la....!
Lam Tai also can re-position the white! hahaha
Later, another group playing aero plane game as Junior team crews also arrived at the site.
As well as the million dollar man game.
Training time
until Captain shout: " liao...!" (For Junior Team Only)
There come 4 very cute doggies
4 doggies
dirty foot
They play around the site with their mugging foot.
come come
nice post
Don't he look cute?
act cool
Try to act cool....!
After the training, that night itself, we went to a heavy dinner at one of the restaurant opposite Queenbay. Almost 10 dished ordered, please check out the food at Luc(6)ky for more details :-)
The games, the doggies actually make the training a lot of fun!

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