First Physical Training in 2009 at Tennis Court

It happen just now!
The first ever physical training kick off at 5.00pm at Botanical Garden. About 20+ members attend in this more organized and systematic physical training. Our Trainer Conor McManus & Luke Yee planned all this training. The training was suppose to start at 4.00pm for those to be train as trainer as backup when Conor or Luke not coming. It also can be helper to correct those members if they knew the technique.
Basically the training start with a Warm Up (hell yea! everyone know need to warm up) but to keep every training start with a warm up, it really need to informed to do so. People tend to think - it OK!....
Then we start a big round run and 2 x small round run inside Botanical Garden. It took some time to finish (for me at least) I been stop cardio exercise for about a month, it like start an old won't be that smooth if you not drive it everyday. After the running, we have a series of circuit training basically target on core, strength and flexibility on cool down. It a more systematic training, right!
It so simple, it hard only if people don't follow.
Let flash back some photo on physical training last year:
We used to wait at Permata Sport Center every Wednesday
Then we'll have something like 30 minute run around Farlim Area and come back to Permata Sport Center
P training
And some circuit training inside the Tennis Court.
You Know, Those who late/slow have to push up. (same happen just now)
That our Physical Training, you dare to take the challenge?

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