Good Sign, number of attendance increasing

Mail from Physical Coach:

Hi All,

Good to see to that numbers are increasing at weekday and weekend physical training sessions. I would hope that more can come along as we need to build the aerobic side of our fitness now before the racing season next year.

Already from this training we can clearly see that each person needs to work on different areas. What has become evident is that we all need to work on our strength and core muscle training. Be aware though all the old guys by that I mean the likes of the Captain, Luke, Tan, Sonny and of course myself got up on the chin up bar and out performed the young lads, some of us may have the spare tyres and a few wrinkles and nearly over the hill but can pull our body weight which means we can pull our own weight along in the boat.

The younger members particularly need to work on this strength and core muscle groups as it is an area that is vital for rowing. This can be done by going to the gym with a buddy and training twice a week on weights and machines 6- 8 reps sets of three to muscle exhaustion to start off with. You can have a look at the attachment for further info on the exercises for the gym. Take heed it is vital if we are going to pull the boat along faster that we all work on this area now rather than later. Specific core strength exercises are for example are , Push ups, chin ups, crunches, lying hand claps, back extensions, body breech etc.

Please keep up the running, cycling or rowing machine each day. If you feel tired, have a rest day and recover so that you put good quality training the next. Please make sure you have a good pair of running shoes suitable to your foot type. This is important as wrong shoes can cause injuries.

Hey try out the rowing machine test attached to gauge where you are at. Also all team members should ideally be able to do 10 under arm chins up without assistance so starts working on the lat pull downs, bicep curls and bent over rows a minimum of 40 proper push ups.

Remain positive and focused, be honest with yourself as this will help you gauge where you are actually act. Again enjoy the training, please think collectively and encourage each other, it is a team sport after all!

If anybody has any questions please feel free to contact me at any time by email or phone

All the best


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Military Physical Training conduct by Irish Army 28112007

Turn up getting better from last week 13 people increase till 23 people this week. It is a good sign! after all, members gain benefit from this physical training and fun to join in as well.
Same warm up as last week but increase 1 more round within the taman area, then running back to the starting point at Permata Tennis Court. Our physical coach, Conor & Luke add in more fun factor on our Physical Training.

We slow jog inside the tennis court and when we hear command of coach, we have to perform action as below:
1 - left hand touch the floor
2 - right hand touch the floor
3 - jump and clap
4 - reverse jogging direction
5 - get on the floor and push up
6 - continue running
after that, we do circuit training and stretching to cool down.

Circuit training is partner up and run to each corner perform eh action as below:
1st corner - push up 30
2nd corner - knee touch 30
3rd corner - star jump 60
and run back to 4th corner, your partner will continue to same exercise, each 1 go twice in the court, last 5 team punish again.

It was cool to have different routine on each week. I looking forward for next week physical training.....yeah!

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Team Success by Conor

Mail from Physical Coach:

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder to all fellow team members that there is physical training tonight in Ayer Hitam at 7 pm so please come along

Also have your team singlet’s, some water [remember hydration], a good pair of running shoes and of course most of all a good positive attitude.

See you then,

All the best


“Team Success = the sum of all the parts rather than the individual “

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600 stroke non-stop sea training

Date: 24 November 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00pm
Venue: Penang Water Sport Center

We start warm up by rowing for 10-15minute non-stop which took more than 600 stroke, then we'll start training to row for 3 minute for a few round and in between there are some combination like only 1,3,5,7....rowers row then follow by 2,4,6,8.....

After a few round of fast pull, long pull, deep paddling and all out, we end our training by strething on the beach. Take a bath and go home.

Sometime, we gather up for dinner like last 2 weeks, We went to eat TAO (Japanese Restaurant) for buffet and another week is Seafood Dinner near Jelutong there....!

Next week, we'll start to training at Teluk Bahang Dam as the Pesta Race is around the corner!

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4 - 5KM running in 20 minute

Date: 21 November 2007 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Permata Sport Center Tennis Court

We just start physical training on pass 2 week ago. First week only 8 members (Hai Kau, Ah Cheong, Ah Huat, Angku, Ah Jin, Me & 2 junior members) attended and 2nd week better, increase till 13 members, they're: Conor, Luke, Ah Hun, Apple, Ah Cheong, Angku, Teong Pei, Chong Wee, Kar Boon, Ah Khoo, Ah Quah, Ah jin & Dennis

***For all the members name, please check out the photo in member session***

We start our physical training by jogging for approximately 20minute with estimated 4-5KM around the Taman area. Returned back to the starting point (Tennis Court) do some circuit training, push and strecthing to end this week session.

We planned to swim after physical training next week. So, bring along your swimming custome if you wanna join us!

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Blog about PFSC

We already have an official website at you may get more official announcment regarding our club

This blog create mainly to record all the on going events of PFSC.

Un-officially to let everyone know, we're not just a CLUB but a FAMILY.

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