Military Physical Training conduct by Irish Army 28112007

Turn up getting better from last week 13 people increase till 23 people this week. It is a good sign! after all, members gain benefit from this physical training and fun to join in as well.
Same warm up as last week but increase 1 more round within the taman area, then running back to the starting point at Permata Tennis Court. Our physical coach, Conor & Luke add in more fun factor on our Physical Training.

We slow jog inside the tennis court and when we hear command of coach, we have to perform action as below:
1 - left hand touch the floor
2 - right hand touch the floor
3 - jump and clap
4 - reverse jogging direction
5 - get on the floor and push up
6 - continue running
after that, we do circuit training and stretching to cool down.

Circuit training is partner up and run to each corner perform eh action as below:
1st corner - push up 30
2nd corner - knee touch 30
3rd corner - star jump 60
and run back to 4th corner, your partner will continue to same exercise, each 1 go twice in the court, last 5 team punish again.

It was cool to have different routine on each week. I looking forward for next week physical training.....yeah!

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