4 - 5KM running in 20 minute

Date: 21 November 2007 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Permata Sport Center Tennis Court

We just start physical training on pass 2 week ago. First week only 8 members (Hai Kau, Ah Cheong, Ah Huat, Angku, Ah Jin, Me & 2 junior members) attended and 2nd week better, increase till 13 members, they're: Conor, Luke, Ah Hun, Apple, Ah Cheong, Angku, Teong Pei, Chong Wee, Kar Boon, Ah Khoo, Ah Quah, Ah jin & Dennis

***For all the members name, please check out the photo in member session***

We start our physical training by jogging for approximately 20minute with estimated 4-5KM around the Taman area. Returned back to the starting point (Tennis Court) do some circuit training, push and strecthing to end this week session.

We planned to swim after physical training next week. So, bring along your swimming custome if you wanna join us!

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