Another round of Celebration Dinner in Penang

It been long waited dinner after coming back from Thailand. This is informal dinner celebration for winning 3rd Runner up and 70,000 baht at Thailand International Swan Boat Race 2008. We marked the calendar

Date: 11 October 2008
Time 7.30pm, meal served at 8.30pm
Venue: Chong Hwa Chinese Restaurant, Cititel

Before the dinner, we still carry on our regular training at Macallum Street. The turn up rate was not so good because of want to attend dinner tonight or all the time also like that. It only getting better when the competition is near.

anyway, people start to filled up the table from 7.30pm onward.

We have special sneak preview show tonight on our trip to Thailand like 
Official website (, 
Penang Forward Blog (, 
and so on to be play during the dinner. We got our own USB Broadband modem, HP 2133 laptop, photo source from many camera but Conor forget to bring the projector and screen to publish on the stage. However, we'll do it again on our Annual Dinner on January 2009.

While waiting for the food to be serve, let take some photos (there are more in Melvin camera)

Ah Quah and Ah Tan

Ah Wan and Michael

Others Tables

Junior Members

Soong, Lam & GF

Boon Chin, Hun & new Girl

We only have 7 and half tables reserved. On 7 and half table of people, we have more than 20 bottols of liquor.

5 cartons of SKOL beer
12 bottles of XO liquor
3 bottles of Black Label
5 bottles of Passport Scotch
and 1 bottles of Bacardi Apple

Before the dinner start, the liquor start to mixed and distribute to each table. It like water or tea that serve during meal. =D

then 1st dish served. we called it cold plate which have sweet and sour pork, chilly mantis prawn, octopus and sushi type meat

Follow by Sharkfin soup on 2nd Dish. 

We have extra sharkfin brought by Hun

yum, yum, yum!

continue with Roasted Chicken on 3rd Dish

and 4th Dish at Steamed Fish.

Before i manage to snap the complete fish when served. It already gone half.

Before the 5th Dishes served which is Sweet Prawn, Choo Hooi start to give speech

As this is celebration dinner but the environment is like che mei (funeral thingy)

look at the table. All are so gentle. This is not our style. 

Junior members just eat.

This table was like so isolated.

Choo Hooi start to thank you our sponsor like 
- Freysinet, Mr. Pascal, who sponsor us the IDBF dragon boat, container and others Financial Support. 

- The owner of private shipyard Mr. Soon,  where we park our boat and training all year long 365 days. 

- Quantum Science Pendant Sponsor, Aileen who gave us about 60 pcs of quantum pendant which each cost RM500 market price.

- Mr Khoo (Heong) for sponsor "Fuel" (12 botols of XO and financial support) to our team,

- Mr. Gavin Chew, team manager who heart always with Forward although he honey moon at Europe but he still sending email to arrange all this events

- Mr. Tan Kok Teik, Coach who was so committed and whole-hearted to give and coach in Dragon boat. He has been start rowing since 14/15 years old until now almost 40 years. Training day at 8.00am, he arrive at site at 7.00am even not training day, he also will go to check the boat and asking Choo Hooi, why the boat got so many scatches. This passion, we all really appreciated.

and more people to thanks

Joseph Kam, Chairman giving Thank you speech. (The voice are too soft as I used my camera phone to record it)

During the 6th dishes come, Pork. Choo Hooi announced birthday of one of the rowers - Angmotan (OJ Tan)

This is must watch video. After singing the birthday song, blowing of candle and face on cake. the situation is getting hot and high not like che mei anymore.

come back to take some pork before piranan finish it up!

the 7th Dishes is mee. if you still not full, you bette eat more as the 8th Dishes is Dessert, Lychee Tong Sui.

At this point, I don't know how to blog anymore as most of the people already start to act weird. hehe...what i mean is alcohol effect, they just talk everything, who care!!! It was so happy and fun. We didn't end the celebration here. We continue to Soi 11

While waiting for others members, Hean and Aileen taking photo at same spot as last year during celebration dinner with.....

if you know this hand, then you know who is her...hehehe =p

try to steal a kiss? Hm...although Hean drink a lots. However, he still awake.

Sorry, my camera not working on Dark environment even with Night Mode on.

They're actually Gavin and Aileen.

Some of them leaving after staying for a while at Soi 11 (guess they're not having fun or go back for some others activities. Mostly go back earliar is couples...=D) 

Those who still enjoying themself continue to have fun at Soi 11. While I move around to look for friends. I meet Ryan at Soi 11. After some time, I joined Michael go to SS.

here are really fun. the live band was so great. They play Hand in the Ayer

encounter 2 hot dancers upstair shake very hard.

After the Live band end, the DJ mix very nice song like Rihanna - Disturbia and Flo - Low Rider.

DJ mixed the Hand in the Ayer and the 2 hot dancers upstair shake real hard again.

While I club hopping back to Soi 11, I met Ah Kee (pretty girl) outside SS. Met with Ryan who playing Superman, Ultraman and Wong Fei Hung with his friends. I lost a few round and have to drink the long island tea (High % in alcohol). After that we go to Fame

A new club (previously is a club named Glo), not as fun as SS.

Lastly I club hopping to MOIS

The song played by DJ before the club close at 3pm.

All the party animals

The people after clubbing. I think quite tired for not sleep then drink, smoke and dance whole night

the drunk cat. Apa macam pun ada. People vomit everywhere. that too ugly...!!!

That is the celebration (first part only). I'm late for training again for blog this. GTG, bye!

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