Dragon Boat Rowing from Georgetown to Queensbay Mall

Sea Training

Date: 26 October 2008
Time: 8.30am

In the rush to training when wake up late. As today we going to queensbay training. if you miss the boat, then bye bye la. Luckily they haven't depart yet...!

Heard Melvin is the first to arrive.

however, there are more people here as well like chee boon,

Froggy in Hot pant

Yoke Wee (lao kau), Hun

and his dog also one of the PFSC member :-p

very active dog...!

His name Chun Long. 

We called him long long

He like to shake water off with many people around.

long long love ball

he also a good swimmer too...!

Alex Tah, a long lost rower after CCWC race

Jin Hean, left handed rower cum 'L' license tai kong

Guess who?

Yoke Wee (Lau Kau), Tai Kong cum paintball shooter (professional)

ah hoon, very strong right handed rower

and more rowers waiting. waiting for what?

waiting for fuel. Training Support boat need fuel to power up

While waiting for somebody to purchase the fuel, take photo of the sky

take photo of sea (dirty and polluted)

and simply snap around.

a well trained dog

How long long perform? check out the video

he just go whatever you throw. (it kind of stupid, even his owner also scold him bodoh) Later, we play 'monkey' with him. he just chase whenever the ball pass, very fun. However, he good in chase and catching the ball.

the fuel is here. add in 2 botol of 2T mixed with the petrol

While apple add oil, many surround him. Like TNB worker huh?

checking some program with Kok Teik? as Kok Teik unable come to coach...

waiting for direction...! to queensbay?

wow...it going to be fun to training at queensbay

last shoot before go to training and they're ready

Attendance of the day, I accidentally delete the recorded message in phone. Let me re-call, the list should be:
Chee Boon
Eng Wei
Ah Jin
Kar Boon
Jin Hean
Teong Ming
Kok Wan
Ah How (Junior member)
Hai Kau
Yoke Wee
...and who else??

The training:

one...two...and pull the boat up

one more time, 1...2...up!

re-adjust the boat if not balance

this is how it should be

after training, we went to Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood to have lunch

and we appointment for dinner at Steamboat Restorant

after dinner, we went to bowl at PenangBowl

check out more detail activities here

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