Hike to peak for vegetarian food

As we have date to hiking to Cheng Ji Chan (Thousand and 200 meter above sea level?) during sea training this morning. We all meet up at Kok Teik's House at 4pm. I'm slightly late as i kena samban for not bucket up the helmet, knnccb!!!

I'm not the one who late. The slowest is Melvin. While waiting for Melvin, Hock Lye "ean kang" again.

ada satu macam while "ean kang".

We depart as Melvin arrived around 4.25pm.

look at the image, the weather is f... hot!!!

Pass thru the kubur, then we start to hike. Dam, I wearing slipper only.

We took more than half an hour to reach the top. I counted the step. it more than 1800 steps to reach the top.

This is where place people climb so high just to pray. I wear slipper, some even barefoot to climb up the hill.

Nice Scene at top.

One of temple on the Hill.

These people very fast, they reach first.

The View. This is what you get when you reach the top. you can see the jetty, Butterworth from here. Worth the hike and I sweat a lot.

This is main temple where people pray a lot in here.

angmo nana or dragon fruit?

To proof that i been here....hehehe!

and more people arrived too. The people are
Ah Tan
Hock Lye
Ah Jin
Ah Quah
Roti Keong
Kok Teik
Yao Ming
Yong Jie (Junior)

where is other junior? study?

From another angle where you can see Komtar as well.

People praying.

They provide free vegetarian food for people. Hock Lye eat at here and we just drink coffee, tea and water.

When you climb another 235 steps, you'll reach to the peak at tua pek kong temple. this is even higher place, the scene also different. You can see more far and wide.

Let zoom in. why people said see you at the top?

Hock Lye pray to this God. He claimed that this god has the most power.

While Luke ask for some lucky number....hehe! Each of us collect RM5 to check if we'll get lucky tonight. I guess we're not, at the moment i post this blog already 9.40pm and still no phone call.

Before we leave, this is the last photo I took then the camera battery flat. Nothing can do, all the way down to bottom and back to Kok Teik's house.

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