Reward yourself with Movie after Physical Training 02 October 2008

Venue: Botanical Garden (Gate)

Time: 5.00pm
Date: 02 October 2008

After yesterday clubbing and eating and the day before yesterday also hang out at outside, decided to have some exercise with the team.

I arrived late and they already started to run and i manage to meet Luke after runing 1 big round in Botanical Garden. We just have to finish 2 round of big round in Botanical Garden. After that we have 30 push up with 10 reps normal count, 10 reps double count and 10 reps slow count.

Follow by crunches 30 reps with 10 reps normal count, 10 reps double count and 10 reps fast half crunch.

Then we have leg raise, un-countable. and last one hold 1 minute at bridge before strecthing.

After finish all the exercise, we still feel not enough. Then we go to the slope and do the sprinting. We separate into 3 groups. We'll compete with others group, those who loss is to push-up 30 count as punishment. The rules is run to the third post along the slope and come back and continue with second members until the whole group finish.

My group have Yao Ming, Melvin, Ah Hun & Apple
Hock Lye group are 4 Junior members.
While Veteran is Conor, Ah Quah, Luke, Kok Teik and ah Jin.

Junior come up as 1st, we second then veteran group have to push-up 30 counts.

So the attendance are above 15 people la.

After the physical training, we go for movie at Queensbay Mall.

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