Boat painting during Dragon Boat Training 18102008

Arriving training site around 4.30pm after fetching my parents home. I was suppose to fix computer for Apple around 3pm. However, unable to make it. Family photo taking is more important :-)

today got water liao compare to last training.

Mr. Fit waiting at Container.....looking good....hehehe

 Junior First batch come back from training. I thought it our turn to get down. It almost 5pm d.

look at the turn up of Junior team, it not our turn yet

second batch of Junior team go to training

Our coach also not ready yet

He busy painting the Training Support Boat

apple too

steve three

the rest waiting and chit chat

Ah Tan, Ah Quah & Yao Ming



and more are waiting for training.

The plane?

nope, Dennis playing Kite

The crazy frog arrive.....ding ding!!!

side view....bang bang. (froggy)

Kok Teik called for more people help out as need to paint the bottom of the boat

Ah Tan Four

froggy fifth

helper 1

Helper 2

Helper 3 & 4

Helper support, he paint

helper 5 and kayu (block) 6

Player 1

Going up up in the sky

now only come to help....:p

The weather around 5.30pm. Still not yet our turn to training. Guess we need more boat....wahahaha

Study until crazy (STPM students) can't wait for the boat and go down themself with the small boat

3 men boat. 2 rowers and 1 "cut chui" (pour the water out from the boat to prevent the boat sink)

check out the video. They kena attacked...

Last one kena water bomb....!

Finally, The training:

Attendance of the Day
Ah Quah
Ah Tan
Chong Wei
CK (New Member from Intel)

Chee Boon
Yao Ming
Hock Lye
Teong Pei
Teong Ming

Coach / Steerman: Kok Teik

Due to not enough left hand rower (Ah Hean was travelling to Hatyai), Apple temporary row for left hand side.

QUIZ of the Day

Question 1: What he trying to get?

Question 2: Guess whose legs is this?

Question 3: Who own this tattoo?

Question 4: She chatting with who?

Question 5: Who is this guy?

You should be able to get the answer in this blog, leave your answer in comment. :-รพ cheer and have fun!

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