Punishment of losing a Badminton Match 03102008

Before going for Badminton, I go to jogging up to War Museum and down to Taman Iping

then go home online while resting, I chat online with Weberlynn

She is asking for Dinner tomorrow after Sea Training at Golden Gate. Anyone, reading my blog may join (limited to PFSC members only) Let me know during training tomorrow.

Ah Jin partner up with Jimmy

vs cosmas and friend.

While Hock Lye playing with Girls.

We're betting before start the game like those who lost need to push-up 30 count, 50 count or sit-up. I lost twice and need to do 60 push up.

However, when i partner up with Jimmy WON Hock Lye and Ah Chuan with 15 vs 2 point. the betting is 50 count push-up and 50 count sit-up. While Hock Lye and Ah Chuan doing their punishment, Jimmy go to kacau-kacau them...!

Badminton really a good game and good exercise. It make me sweat until my whole pant wet. However, it could sprain your ankle as well as injure your shoulder if without proper warm up.

Later, Hock Lye request for re-match. we first start the match with 30 push-up bet. however, when it reach the point of 7 vs 7. they request to top up another 20 push-up. Hock Lye end up have to do the push-up. We won it with 15 vs 10 point.

Apple not coming to play as he work afternoon shift as well as Ah Hong. Later Kok Teik also come to play for 1 match.

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