Dragon Boat training halt due to bad weather 08102008

Teong Ming and I arrived the training site about same time together with the storm as well

then it starting to rain heavily

However still got Sun at another side

everyone hiding inside the container

and our boat still parking nicely

but fisherman is working.

Surprisingly, Bak Bak is here today.

ah Jin with his paddle.

something attracted them to look inside. what is that?

Ah Quah in Student Uniform

Fisherman still working, don't care about the rain.

Ah Jin with his paddle (Again)

then rain stop but the sky still not yet clear

seem like another round of storm is coming soon.

Mr. Fit with his new cut. Why Mr. Fit? His heart rate only 45 beat per minute. Normal person is 72 beat per minute. 

take a closer look. 

Fisherman is working seriously.

everyone is getting relax

and captain is asking if we wanna train?

Hean: "What do you think?"

ah quah: "I'm still in my uniform...!"

People are making fun around

and playing with the stone. You should get the answer!!!

the training for today cancelled.

Shut the Door and go back.

you see anything in this picture?

Fisherman, the only one who need to bath. He had catch at least 3 fishes for us to eat. Don't play play!

After training cancelled, we having dinner at Sar tiao lor (3th Street). I ordered Char Hor Fun with egg (RM3.00)

then hokkien mee (RM2.60) and this week, no hokkien mee as breakfast. it still fine!

some cendol as dessert?

or Ice Kacang?

After dinner, plan to watch Eagle Eye but the show was too late and didn't make it.

Due to training cancelled, there are nothing to blog except photo blog only. By the way, here are today attendance

Right Rower
Ah Quah

Left Rower
Teong Ming
Ah Hun
Hock Lye

Tai Kong Ghee, Kok Teik and 1 Junior member.

Expecting more Rowers come back training after Celebration Dinner on Saturday.

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