Good Meal after Dragon Boat Training 12102008

I was blogging on yesterday Celebration dinner at Cititel. As it have many photo and video to process, I took quite some time to just post that blog. This cause me late to training. I reach the site about 4.45pm, luckily they're just about go to training. I still manage to go on board but unable to take photo.

The training:

As mention, the attendances indeed getting better after the celebration dinner. At least got about full senior team go into training.

attendances of the day:
Hai Kau
Hock Kooi

Chee Boon
Hock Lye
Yao Ming

Steerman: Jin Hean
Coach: Kok Teik

Only manage to take photo of Ah Chew Butt

and Hock Lye's butt after training.

***I'm not gay, not interest in anyone of them....hehehe

Arch of Triumph

Gavin distribute souvenir. He travel to Germary, Austria and France for honey moon. I got this poster of Arch of Triumph. It very nice to put inside the frame. Thank you!

We go to dinner at same old place at Treeshade restaurant.

look at the fish in the restaurant. he bump his head until so big

it not for eat!

 a bit scary to carry the head.

we ordered Herb Chicken in paper

Pai Kut Ong, gone! and below plate is Tao Hu also cleared before i remember to take photo

left some vege to finish

half plate of lala and 

a soup without jii chai.  

We was too hungry after the training! How much do you think for 6 dishes of meal? It cost RM39. Anyway, it not so expensive ingredients. no fish, no prawn then i going to be cheaper.

A lot of people come here to eat not only reasonable price, the services is extra fast. You go to ordered the food (select your fish, prawn, crab, sotong, lala and so on) at counter, then you returned back to your seat. while you sit down, the meal is served!!!

don't believe? go to check out yourself! come back and leave a comment here said i "tua kong" (bluff)

after dinner, we went to Gurney plaza watch "Eagle Eyes" at GSC.

sorry, no recording allowed in this theatre =รพ

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