Cari sakit

or simply translated to English, looking for pain.

So we have started our boat training for almost a month now. This year itself we have a lot of new members joining the team which means the family is getting bigger :) The ladies now have one full boat for training *woot* and the guys.. well I believe if all the guys make it to boat training, we would need another extra boat :) yes that's how big the 'family' has become.

The trainings so far have been nothing but good and fruitful. I love the intensity and the pressure given to us, where one needs to really have good mental strength to bear with what we're going through, which I don't think a lot of people have
yes I'm talking about you pussies out there
. Practice, it all comes with practice. People often question why do we put ourselves through such torture and then complain about it later. Well.. let me just phrase this in a nicer way, we are women afterall.. and we will always find something to bitch about, whether or not we like it ;)

Anyway, since I started rowing a few weeks back with the team, I noticed that our training programs have changed. The ladies now row separately with a new coach while the guys, well.. let's just say they have it 5x harder than the ladies.

You might think I'm crazy for saying this, but I actually do want to train as hard as the guys, ok maybe 3x not 5x. It's not only me, there are a few ladies from the team that think the current training is not hard enough for us, in fact, it felt like a walk in the park (albeit the slight pain we get the day after). Hence we decided to shoot a mail to the team manager to voice our 'concern'. If we want to win, we need to train the right way.

One of the ladies volunteered to send the mail, with me being the backup editor. The first draft of the email looks like this:

From the pass training, we ready found that the difficulty level of boat training was not standing with strenght and phisical training. The boat training was too light for lady. Before we feel tired the training was over.
We would like to seek your assistance to review the boat training program for lady.
Will it be better mix the lady with guy ? or increase the time frame and difficulty for boat training ? We believe our lady also can push ourself to improve our strength to win race in futher with the guy as a team.

OMFG, how am I supposed to let this kind of email sent out to the intended people? I'm sorry I just can't, so I decided to compose a new mail, trying to reuse as many sentences as I can from the first draft.

Dear team manager,

I would like to provide some feedback regarding the women's team boat training on Sundays. From the past few trainings we found that the difficulty level of the boat training is not on par or as hard as the strength and physical trainings we have on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most of us (especially the Forward ladies who have trained with the guys before) felt that the intensity of the training is too light for us (we don't really feel tired after the training).

Therefore, we would like to seek your assistance to review the boat training program for the ladies.

Will if be better if we increase the time frame and difficulty for the boat training? We think that it'll be good if we could get to row with the guys sometimes if we are going to be competing in mix races. It's important for us to get used to the speed in the guys' boat if we are going to work together as a team. We believe the ladies too, can push ourselves in improving our strength to help to achieve the club's objectives: which are to get fitter, better and most importantly, WIN as a team.

Thank you.

There, probably not the best but sounded so much better. And now we wait.....

We'll probably won't look this happy anymore at the end of the training after the mail has been read and evaluated with action plan.

Bring on the pain!

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Why dragonboating rocks

1) Health purposes

Be it to improve the fitness level or to achieve a leaner, stronger, toner body. Who says beauty and perfection come without hardwork? (Cosmetic surgery doesn't count because that's just cheating)

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2) Meeting people

You'll be pleased to meet people from different paths and career lines, old and young alike. Having the passion for the same sport closes the gap and brings you closer than you ever think it will (oh wait this sentence sounds a bit wrong)

3) Free food

My team has two main bakers and it rocks because we get to eat free cookies and cakes all the time!

4) Birthday celebrations

Free personalized cake by the baking enthusiasts

And lots of beautiful ladies crowding around you singing birthday song ROFL

5) FUN outings


or makan, take your pick

6) Camwhore buddies

Everyone loves to be in pictures; whether to show the world they've been there done that or just being proud to be in something they are involved in; we all want an evidence we can look back to

7) Great entertainment

that comes with endless supply of laughter

Who said we are scary?

At least we're not pushing you to the limit to become this! Box muscles wtf!

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