Why dragonboating rocks

1) Health purposes

Be it to improve the fitness level or to achieve a leaner, stronger, toner body. Who says beauty and perfection come without hardwork? (Cosmetic surgery doesn't count because that's just cheating)

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2) Meeting people

You'll be pleased to meet people from different paths and career lines, old and young alike. Having the passion for the same sport closes the gap and brings you closer than you ever think it will (oh wait this sentence sounds a bit wrong)

3) Free food

My team has two main bakers and it rocks because we get to eat free cookies and cakes all the time!

4) Birthday celebrations

Free personalized cake by the baking enthusiasts

And lots of beautiful ladies crowding around you singing birthday song ROFL

5) FUN outings


or makan, take your pick

6) Camwhore buddies

Everyone loves to be in pictures; whether to show the world they've been there done that or just being proud to be in something they are involved in; we all want an evidence we can look back to

7) Great entertainment

that comes with endless supply of laughter

Who said we are scary?

At least we're not pushing you to the limit to become this! Box muscles wtf!

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