The celebration

And the result of the dragonboat race was...


If you look carefully at the trophy and you can read Chinese, it says '6'. Ok, so we didn't win first, second or third placing but hell did we put effort into the race! It didn't matter though, we still have a trophy to prove that the team was in the finals!

Group photo at the lobby before departing to the celebration dinner the organizer held for us.

Everyone wants a piece of the trophy after putting much effort into the race :D well duh!

We were brought to a very lavish looking hotel (sorry it totally slipped my mind to take picture of the hotel from the outside) and entering the ballroom where the celebration dinner was held just blew all of our minds. According to some of the guys who had been out racing for years, this was possibly the best celebration dinner they've ever had.

Where's our table?

Every table was nicely setup fine dining style, with local products given out for free on each table.

We have milk of different funky flavours

Red wine and packets of ciggies

VERY very tasty vinegar

and free beer :D

Now altogether now YAM SENG!

Needless to say, it was an affair to remember by all that night. We rowed, we laughed and we got drunk. Ok, not me, I mean the guys. I stayed away from alcohol that night. Ok, so I may have a glass of beer and a sip of red wine but that's all. It was truly a celebration enjoyed by all.

Great food = Happy stomachs

Great people = Lots of fun and laughter involved.

Let me talk about the food.

The organizers made sure all of us went back not only with full stomachs but STUFFED as well. Have you ever had a 14 course dinner? Not me, definitely my first time.

Our first dish, oh-so-orgasmic plate of pork! It's so good everyone fought till the very last piece! @_@ Confirmed the best plate of pork I've had ever.

Prawn with pepper, pretty tasty too

After the second dish, rice wine was served.

and so did the alcohol binge! Yuck the taste of the rice wine was too strong for me, I don't have to taste it to know how strong it was :S

Next is the sliced conpoy or dried scallop in sweet corn soup

and bak chang! (glutinous rice in bamboo leaf) It's sweet.

Next in the list we had fried cashew nuts with 2 kinds of meat

Deep fried crisp chicken, loved it!

Pork ribs with ginger

Fried fish with special sauce. I think the special sauce was the vinegar. Didn't like it, it had too much of the vinegar that the dish sucked to the max.

Stir fried beer with black pepper and onion

Fried rice with egg and ham. At this point, I can only stomach the peas and pieces of ham.

Pan fried onion cake, normal and bland

Braised mushrooms with vegetables

Fried noodle... bleh~

Last but not least, the final dish, fruit platter

Our steersman lived up to his reputation as being the last one standing when all of us couldn't go on anymore! He kept eating!

There were performances from different teams throughout the night. Teams from England, Australia, Macau, Hong Kong and even the host country gave performances; be it drama or singing.

As you can see, it was indeed a happening night for all. Performers as well as the audience.

He's not a local celebrity but he acted like one! Ok, so he's a hot fireman from Macau.

One of the many things that happened in celebrations like this is...

Jersey exchange between different teams.

Yes yes, we know you have muscles too!

That's right, if you like other teams' jersey you can just approach any one of the member and ask to exchange jersey with them, on the spot! But not before you're forced to take picture half naked!

Sigh, they all looked like they were molested LOL

After the celebration dinner, the night was still early so the guys decided to take the party down town to a club called Babyface.

In the cab, where you can catch World Cup matches live at the back of the taxi on the tv screen!

The following pictures are self explanatory. All of us had great fun that night! :D

And the peace sign is so overrated -_- It practically appears in 7 out of 10 photos -_-"

This is how much the team manager was "loved"

It was our last night in Guangzhou and all good things must to come an end. We decided to go for another round of 'makan' session (god bless our tummies) for a good end.

It was possibly one of the best supper I've had in my life.

This grilled mackerel dish smelt a little foul when they first served it, I was qite hesitant to try it in the beginning but after much persuasion and convincing from the rest of the people, I gave it a try. The rest was history, I can't stop eating it.

Roti canai, China style haha. Crispy.

Grilled brinjal, awesome sauce but we have this here too.

Mutton satay, omfg so thick and juicy!

Steamed dumplings, best eaten dipped with vinegar, 2 thumbs up!

Grilled 'ku chai', I think it's called garlic chives in English, the kind you normally find in your plate of char koay teow. Who would have thought it could taste this good? It had to be the seasoning they used.

This wraps up the report on our Guangzhou trip. Like I said, I didn't enjoy China in the beginning especially after the stories I've heard of the public toilets but the great company and food made up for everything else. It was too bad I didn't spend more days in China for more sightseeing but I know this will not be my first and last trip.

Thank you, for the patience in reading my long winded stories. Again, I hope you've enjoyed reading my travel stories as much as I've enjoyed writing them :)

Till then, cheers~!

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