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Sushi at Sushi King is not cheap. As you know:
A Kanikama (2 pcs of sushi with artificial crab stick) at blue plate cost RM2
A Tuna mayo (2 pcs of sushi with mayonnaise tuna) at Beige Plate cost RM3
A Sake (2 pcs of sushi with raw salmon on top of the rice) at Pink Plate cost RM4
A Vannamei (2pcs of sushi with prawn) at Red Plate cost RM5
A Unagi (2pcs of sushi with unagi ) at Purple Plate cost RM6

With RM2, I can have a lot of crab stick lok-lok.
With RM3, I can buy a can of tuna
With RM4, I can eat a plate of nasi kandar with fried chicken
With RM5, I can eat a prawn porridge with 2 big prawn
With RM6, I can buy a pack of unagi in Jusco store.
Even with their Sushi King RM2 Bonanza promotion it also not worth to eat, why? First, must have the sushi membership card. Second, have to queue up and wait very long. Third, have to wait for the sushi at Kaiten Belt. They don't take order except the sushi not fall under the promotion. They make the pink/red/purple plate at certain period only, that mean if you come in after the pink/red/purple over, you have to take the blue/Beige. fourth, you have to be fast else it will be gone once it touch the kaiten belt, it won't flow to your table at all. Fifth, it make your dining so tension that everyone is fighting for the sushi and people are waiting!
So, chance drop by when the promotion "my111 sushi king" news spread around from friends. With the SMS charge RM3.50 for requesting the coupon, you can have Sushi King buy 1 free 1 that valid for a week from the date you request.
What are you waiting for? taruh, I mean makan kuat-kuat on sushi king la....! Gather a few friends that can eat and pergi bersama-sama makan sushi....!
Eat Sushi
Gavin and Melvin so happy when can eat Sushi King with Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion
next sushi king
We split into 2 tables for the sushi king dining. Which another table consume not much as have 2 ladies there
Calc Sushi King
Can't recall how much we ate that day even the sushi king employee need two person to verify the number of plate
Taller than me
May be you can count this way, it taller than!
After that day, we still visit a few time to sushi king, like "jiak poh siu" (revenge). We not let go although the coupon expired, we use another phone number to request for new coupon to buy 1 free 1 promotion until tuin kin (cut off/hate eating sushi)!
After sometime, we feel that we want to kick some ass, (I mean go to eat sushi) we request for another new voucher for the buy 1 free 1 promotion. But with some new term and condition where one visit can redeem up to 5 x buy 1 free 1 plate only. I not sure it is cause by us that sushi king set the new rules. However, we can always go to others Japanese restaurant like Sakae Sushi. The salmon plate only cost RM1.90 compare to Sushi King!

*sushi photo are download from sushi king website. sushi king logo are trademark of sushi king

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  1. Anonymous Says: many plates you eat?

  2. 6ky Says:

    countless. with buy 1 free 1. it actually save a lot.

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