Annual Dinner Meeting at Starbucks

We hang out at Gurney Plaza until late to meeting at Starbucks E-Gate. Some more, the traffic at Gurney Plaza area suck....! We reach E-gate around 8.45pm where we suppose to meet up at 8.00pm. Anyway, the purpose for this meeting is talk about 2 main events going to happen soon. One is our 23th Anniversary Celebration Dinner and another one is Charity Endurance Row 2009. It separate into 2 session as some involve only one events and some involve both.
For Charity Endurance Row, we just check on the progress like we want the information to be announce during annual dinner. So, We need the Paddle for Hope logo ready, some slide show and others information to get ready. While for the Annual Dinner *excited*
Event: Penang Forward Sport Club 23rd Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Date: 10th January 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Penang Chinese Town Hall (No 22, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200 Penang)
Fee: RM 30 per pax
We discussing the program of the day like opening, dance, song, slide show and bla bla bla.....Basically I just to be there early and get myself involve and ready to help if possible.
The people who attend the meeting
Gavin heong
Gavin and Ah Heong...!
Michael and Apple
Michael and Apple.
The starbucks's mug grow the clorofil? Nope, it Susu Green Tea. Taste very nice...but Ah Heong just can't accept the taste.
Chocolate white coffee
coffee bean Chocolate white coffee
The coffee bean lasagna.
I know I know, the food at coffee bean is not related. I was the coffee bean and Starbuck. For me, they're the same that selling coffee. That why I include this 2 photo in this post. So, you're fans of Coffee Bean or Starbucks?
PFSC Dinner 08
I'll post an entry on our 22nd Anniversary tomorrow while waiting for 23rd Anniversary Celebration dinner to come On Saturday. Let check back again :-)

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