Giving it all

Tonight, there was no regret on a single bite of that sinful dinner I had. The fried oyster, fried chicken with lots of mayo and well.. porridge. We thought, after all the effort we've put into the paddling training today, it was worth a little celebration of indulgence.

I didn't realize how much I missed the paddling training until today. Since I was in Singapore last weekend, I was not able to make it for last week's physical training in gym and the paddling session. I heard they made everyone carry 85% of their body weight :S of which in this I was kinda glad I wasn't there to embarrass myself.

Yesterday's training was also intense but too short. I know, I think my girlfriend and I are secretly liking all the torturous trainings they put on us. They were tough but we were pushed to the limits and we liked it. A little sadomasochistic maybe :P

Oh and feeling guilty from the amount of calories from the alcohol last night, I ran 3kms in gym first before the paddling session. Maybe I am that sadomasochistic like that.

We had two boats to paddle today, one lighter one made of some fiber material where we usually paddle in, and another heavier one made of wood. So of course the senior-er guys paddled in the heavier one wherelse the juniors and the ladies paddled in the lighter one.

And we had a small competition, a little race, 200m fast paddle. You can imagine how demotivating it was for our team when the coach told us to race against the other team, I'm talking bout a team of buffed up, fit guys in one boat against a boat full of secondary school students and 3 ladies @_@

Oh well, not that we had much of a choice but to race against them. They were so cocky, so confident that they were going to win. Even set a punishment of 50 pushups for the losing team. Our team was quiet, taking whatever insults or teasing thrown to us. All we ever wanted was to get it over with.

When the coach blew the whistle, I paddled like I've never paddled before. Or actually ALL of us did. I've never thought that the kids can be so determined. They worked hard, and not wanting to let the team down, the women did their best too. Water was splashing everywhere; on my face, arms, legs but the splashing actually got me more motivated. They said if you don't get wet, you're not paddling for real.

Someone started counting loudly as a form of motivation. I did too, although it was tiring but it was a good boost.

"A few more strokes!"

"One more one more!"


"Almost there! GO GO!"

Before we knew it, the whistle was blown, indicating the end of the race. I looked to my left and found the other boat floating silently BEHIND us.


The guys were silent, not a single word from any of them. In fact, I thought some of them looked rather ashamed haha! It was the best feeling in the entire paddling session :P Ok, maybe it was the fact that we're rowing the lighter boat and we're obviously lighter compared to all buffed up guys grouped in one boat. But still, we won!

We did another 200m and we won again. Then we went for 500m and we won by a tiny weeny bit and another last 500m before we call it a day, the last one, we had a tie. By then we were so exhausted we actually moaned when we had to do the last race. My arms gave up on me in less than 20 strokes but I dare not stop. Tired or not, painful or not, we had to keep paddling. In the actual race, no one will stop and wait for us, every single stroke counts. So by hook or by crook, I had to tolerate the pain and tiredness on my arms and paddled on.

The end result was definitely satisfying. Back in their faces! They were supposed to do 100 pushups back on shore but they bailed out. Of course it was all fun, let's hope the guys won't count their chickens before their eggs hatch next time.

Yes, I feel a big sense of motivation and achievement in me now. Not cocky but it was a good release. I paddled with all I had, all my might, managed to vent out all the anger, frustration I had inside me, basically just gave it all out. And that's what I hope to give the team everytime from now on...

I'm so not looking forward to the body aches and pain tomorrow...

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