What happened in Sabah's race

Win also wrong, no win also wrong.

The team made headlines for 3 days continuously in the Borneo Post but this was the latest piece of news we got before coming back to Penang.

*click to enlarge*

Clearly, a lot of people still have not grasped the meaning of sportsmanship.

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May the best team win

I came to work today bearing a slight headache, coarse voice, possible dehydration, dry 'flying' hair, dry skin, a few new pimples, aching body and undeniably 2 shades darker skin tone.

It was an expensive price to pay for being out in the sun for 2 days consecutively, particularly when I'm not getting any younger and 'recovery' will be slightly slower. Despite all that, there was no regret for I enjoyed myself tremendously playing a few roles : team player and supporter.

A LOT of photos were taken during these 2 days, not by moi but by a newly crowned camwhore queen. I took some too but not really in the mood of sorting them out at the moment.

I guess the ultimate question is, did we win?


Altogether, 3 missions and goals were achieved in the race:
1) 2nd placing for mixed team 250m
2) 2nd placing for mixed team 500m
3) Men's boat beat Pacific West, our old rival

Another surprise accomplishment:
The women's boat for 500m made it straight to the finals! But due to poor strategy in the final race, we didn't win anything.

The trophy (picture taken from friend's FB album)


Why do we feel happy even though if we only got 2nd placing you may ask. Well, for one, we know that it's kinda hard for us to beat the Indonesians, which won the Asia championship recently. Those people look like they're built for it; strong, lean and compactly muscular. We'll need to train a LOT harder if we're gonna take them out the next round. We beat Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) and Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) who never fail to give us a run for prizes each time we met.

So tell me, any reason why we shouldn't be proud of ourselves for coming this far? ;)

Here's a tribute to the great leaders in the team.

The rowing coach and team manager who never stop believing in us

The strict, hardcore physical trainer who keeps reminding us time and time again that combination of hardwork + discipline + great focus + great teamwork => VICTORY

And of course, if it ain't for all the team members who believe in themselves, it would have not been possible. You guys are greater than great!

Not a complete photo of the team.

Oh another good news, check this out. Another appearance in the newspaper (online only I think) It's in Chinese but there's always Google Translate :D Our team's women were asked to pose for photos with us flexing our muscles
because we look like we can man handle some guys

Another history made.

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Gearing up!

Less than 2 days to go till the Penang International Dragonboat Festival.

Checklist :

Military style physical trainings - CHECKED

Hardcore boat trainings - CHECKED

Capable fit rowers - CHECKED

Commitment of attendance from participating rowers - CHECKED

Sponsors for drinks and food on race day - CHECKED

New jersey for the team - CHECKED

Not exactly the sexiest but since it's sponsored, it'll do

I'm excited! Let's go win something this year and beat our old rival for once! Wish us best of luck! :)

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