Hike to Penang Hill 46

Yesterday physical training was simple. In fact it is fun to go hiking with a big group of sport enthusiasts. We set to meet up 3.30pm at Botanical Garden. Compare to usual physical training time, it is a lot early. why? because we have our 23rd Annual Dinner that night. So, start early, end early and go to have dinner then party. No matter what, we still go to training! where are the rest of PFSC members when we go to Hiking?
I know one. He go to hair dressing his hair just for the Annual dinner....wahahaha! a very big night for him....!
This hiking was not compete with each others but to find out what is weakness among our rowers. We need an average rowers in Power, Aerobic Capacity, Flexibility, Strength. Some rowers are good in strength but not endurance. So, that rowers need to improve in aerobic capacity. We can't have everyone who good in every area but we'll make everyone average or above average on those area. We have a series of systematic and organized program ready by our physical coach, do come for the training to find out what is the program.
Monkey greet
Greet by Monkey when arrived at Botanical Garden
Ready to get set...!
go...!? not yet....! We'll timed for the hike (As I told you, it systematic)
Luke and Kok Teik will go up to 46 first to timed for individual members. While waiting for them to hike up, we was jog around in Botanical Garden
ru ready
Are you ready?
Path Slope
Look at the Path and the slope...!wtf...
Teong Ming: "Wassap~~~!!"
Chew Ko winning sign...!
unbelievable that Hean come to Hike until Quah said it going to rain in red....
Time Keeper
Time keeper!
Push up
At 46, We do some push up
Chin up
and chin up to test our strength and power.
After some briefing from Conor, We go down the hill.
Cool down
After we reach the bottom, we have a cool down jog back to starting point and do some stretching before dismiss.
 Resize of IMG_1756
You know what? it party time....!!! let check back for the FAME clubbing after the Annual Dinner.

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