Guangzhou - Race Day!

Quoted from the official PFSC blog on drummer:

The question then arises: “Why do we need the Drummer?”
- Very simply, because a Dragon Boat without Drummer is no longer a Dragon Boat and because we do need someone to throw into water after racing and - finally we all want our fun! It is fun to take the person who has been yelling at you during all the practices and races and throw them into the water.

Ok, so maybe not all stated in the above is true, we don't have a drummer during practice sessions, the drummer will have to be part of the rowing team as well, which means he/she will have to row together with the rest.

I have to be honest, I am not a good rower; my strokes are probably still out of sync and my stamina runs out fast (the consequences of skipping too many rowing trainings) but if there's one thing for sure I can contribute to the team, it's my loud chi cha voice haha

And that's what they need for a drummer; someone who can shout out loud and non stop. Sharon is just the perfect candidate (or so she thinks) *ehem* and when the team manager asked who would like to be the drummer for the race, she was only more than happy to volunteer.

3rd day! Finally the real race day.

Due to the high capacity of participants, judges and supporters staying in the hotel, breakfast was chaotic. And bland too.

I took a bite of everything just to get a taste of it and left the rest uneaten :p Now now don't lecture me on food wastage.

By 830 in the morning, we were all gathered at the lobby waiting for our transport to take us to the race location.

Australian supporters with their super big thumb!

Our tai kong (steersman) proves that he can sleep anywhere, anytime!

It was again raining! The bleak wet weather did not prevent these old ladies from getting their foot massage.

The weather was just so discouraging but sort of a blessing in disguise. No need for sunblock or sunglasses!

The one and only team representing Malaysia, aiseh...

First picture of our new jersey! Say it's nice! My boss saw this picture then he saw


and he asked,

"How come you guy wrap yourself up so much? After all those gruesome trainings you've been through, don't you want to flaunt your bodies?!"

Ermm we're not that confident with our bodies... yet!

Main sponsor for the jersey ;)

Bored of waiting so we camwhored for a bit...

So cold the nipples are showing LOL

The chairman being interviewed by the local media

The race was officially started with long decorated dragonboats cruising down the river with people drumming in the boat. I don't know if they have a certain rhythm to abide to but it was kinda fun to watch :D

Video below if you're interested.

More 50 people boat, lots of them...

Dragon's head, somehow it sounds kinda vulgar addressing it in Hokkien, if you know what I mean lol

Opps, too heavy the boat actually sunk! No casualties tho :)

Team banner


If-you-die-its-not-our-problem form

And how can we not take the obligatory team photo!

Our team was to compete with the other 5 teams; 1 from Canada and the rest of the 4 from HK if I'm not mistaken at 10.50am.

Here's the assistant coach giving last minute instructions and motivation to the team! I love how everyone looked so serious and concentrated! Go team!

It was my second time being a drummer and despite the fact that it was drizzling and I was a little panicky sitting at the edge of the boat feeling insecure, I love EVERY MINUTE of it.

I love the adrenaline rush prior to the start of the race, it was like I was almost as nervous as the rest of the guys though I don't have to work as hard as them except to scream my lungs out with words of encouragement. The advantage of sitting a level up higher than the rest is that you're able to see how hard everyone is working. The scream of pain on their faces as they pushed themselves to the limit, putting effort in each and every stroke pushing the boat forward was just... exhilarating.

And it just makes you want to work and scream HARDER! I don't know, I was like a crazy woman screaming nonstop on the top of my lungs the moment the race started. To the extent that I got carried away and the beating of the drum was getting faster with each passing second that it almost screwed up the timing of the first guy sitting in the front of the boat HAHA and he claimed that I scared the bejesus out of him for screaming so loud WTF ermm come on.. I have to scream loud enough to encourage the whole boat right? :D

The comments were that I screamed loud, like loud enough to give good motivation and encouragement - GOOD.
BUT the problem is, I screamed and talked too fast that they don't know what the hell was I talking about - BAD

We ended up second in the first heat, automatically qualified straight to the finals!

When we were back, it was time for lunch. A Chinese lunch box! It was surprisingly good :D

After lunch, we had more time to fool around before the finals.

We then walked around the place for a bit
hoping to spot hot guys

This was where competing teams enter and received life jackets and paddles (if you don't have one)

Guangzhou team banner

The Aussie women back from race

This was where we got onto the boats

The final race was at 2.50pm in the afternoon. We gave it all our best alright, only this time I toned down a little on my screaming after the feedback I received on being too loud and too distractive :p but the spirit cheered on~!

And the final result is....

to be revealed in the next post... eh writing long entry is effort drenching ok? Gimme a break!

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