Dragon Boat Training Cancelled on 19102008

Today training was cancelled due to only a few members turn up. If i not wrong, these are the members go to training in the morning:

Kok Teik
Chong Jin
Teong Ming
Hock Lye

I was late because i have some chores need to be done before go to training. By the time i arrived the training site, people already gone. Got people suggest to change the training time to afternoon due to Apply's Birthday. However, some people said don't need because they be able come to training in morning. (of course these people really come in the morning la....=p)

It should change to afternoon also because the sea water level in morning is low. it only raise in the afternoon. Then they schedule to Hiking to Penang Hill 84 once the sea training call off.

In the afternoon, the weather is dark and seem to be raining soon. So, we didn't go to hiking just jogging inside Botanical Garden. Not much people turn up as well, just

Kok Teik x 4 round
Luke x 4 round
Gavin x 4 round
Chong Jin x 4 round
Apple x 4 round
Jimmy (Friend) x 5 round
engwei x 5 round

We take our sweet time to finish the small round of Botanical Garden (it about 800 meter per round). After that we move to new Garden beside Botanical Garden called Taman Kuali. This new park was used to held the World Musical Festival. When first host the World Musical Festival, it was not that establish. However, now it become a very nice park.

We date for movie after the exercise session. We (Kok Tiong, Chong Jin, Jimmy, Apple, Hock Lye) went to watch Max Payne and GSC Queensbay Mall.

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