Dragon Boat training after Hari Raya Holiday

Stop for a week of sea training and come back after Raya Holiday. I arrived around 4.40pm, junior team already go out to training. Their respond are very good until a lot of junior rowers still need to wait at the base

about 18 at training and another 10 waiting at base. While senior team only have around 12 people

if we can have a good turn up rate, I guess we'll grow strong exponently.

Boon Chin, first seen after stop for many many years and at the background, Ah Cheong cutting his finger nail.

While waiting for Junior team to come back, Apple became Reporter for Thailand trip reporting interesting incidents for those did not go.

then they come back.

Attendance of the Day (senior member) : Cheong, Joseph Chow, Apple, Ah Quah, Boon Chin, Chee Boon, Melvin, Belvin, Yao Ming, Kok Teik, Hock Lye & Jin Hean (Tai Kong)

The Training: 

parking of boat at site.

We date for steamboat dinner at Golden Gate but we decided to go Tai Tong for Dinner

I first time visit this Restaurant and lots of people have their dinner here

we ordered this

and this

you guess how much it cost? check out the answer here

Luke and Lisa at Dinner

Ah Hun and Apple at Dinner. Guess who was sucking?

Melvin and Weberlynn at Dinner

Quah and Yoko as well at Dinner.

After the dinner we went to JayaBowl at OneStop. 8 of us playing, last 3 with lower score have to push-up 50 count.

Melvin in Action (have to push-up at the end)

Ah Hun in Action. He safe in first game who not fall in last 3. While on second game, he leave as his complicated called him.

Luke in Action who claimed he did 299 in a game. Who know he have to push-up on 1st game....hehehe! However, he slowly pick-up and become top scorer on 2nd game.

Hock Lye in Action. His skill getting poor and worse. He don't need to push-up on 1st Game as only last 3. While on Second game, we increase number to last 4 have to push-up 50 count and Hock Lye was in the list.

Melvin again. He push-up for 100 counts for 2 games played.

Apple in Action. End up with 100 counts as well. He only good if play at PenangBowl.

Weberlynn in Action. Seem like spare...!

Yes, it spared. She also good in Bowling. She was champion in her ex-company organized competition for Bowling.

Yea, push-up. As the limit for 1 hour game near. On 3rd game, I side bet with Hock Lye for only 1 bowl. I stirke at that bowl and Hock Lye need to push-up for another 30 counts.

They call for rojak at Gurney Drive after the bowling but did not join as we car pool with Ah Quah and need to take car at Cintra Street.

Check back for tomorrow morning sea training!!!

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