Late to Dragon Boat Training 11102008

Again, I was overslept again. I think 2-4pm is a good time to take afternoon nap. So, I always late to sea training.

Arriving the training site at 5pm and found the boat already gone

container sponsor by Freysinet

However, the rowers still here. Why they haven't get down to training yet?

Today is nice weather to training. (of course, after 5pm)

Luke, Hai Kau, Teong Ming waiting for Junior Training Team to come back. They took about 2 hours to training since 3pm.

Why Apple so happy?

because he have kite to play to kill the bore.

are they coming back?

Yes, they're returned. by the time, we get down to training. it about 5.30pm.

Kuai Lan Kia - Froggy. What are you waiting for? Let go training, don't think you want to skip. We have bad turn up rate compare to Junior Team

The Training:

parking the boat

this is team game. So, we do it together!

1,2 push~~~~!!!

it won't be able to lift the boat up with just 1 or 2 member.

We're a Team

Hean taking care for the water contain in the boat.

Call off for today training.

Attendance of the Day: (not included Junior Team)
Hai Kau

Hock Lye
Teong Ming
Yao Ming

Coach: Kok Teik. combined with some Junior members to fill the boat.

It took about half an hour traning as junior team train 2 hour and some of rowers want to go back refreshing before dinner at Cititell tonight.

I and Belven eat something at Red Garden before the dinner start. Althought the dinner time is 7.30pm but it could drag until 8.30pm.

I get Chicken Briyani Rice. It really expensive, RM6 at small bowl and yet taste so salty. I rather ordered Chicken Chop for RM6.50. Anyway, just cure the stomach =p

I parked my car at Cititel where we have dinner here tonight. I pay RM4 for the parking and the guy directed me to illegal parking spot near the stair case.

He directed me so close until I almost hit the blocker. Darn, it about an inch close. I shall get back RM100 from him if i hit the steel bar.

remember at one time, I also parked very close to the wall like those car jokey park all the luxury car at Bintang hill.

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