Not able make it to Dragon Boat Training due to traffic Jam 22102008

That day raining (actually everyday also raining) and traffic also jam at industrial area on rush hour

I come out from home at 6.25pm and at 7.00pm, I still at Batu Maung, not even pass thru the first traffic light near Plexus seaside....

What time am i going to arrive training site? 8.00pm? Actually, I also come out late because of having Ping Pong match at WF.

But the traffic is crazy during rush hour. I decided to skipped that day training.

On Friday night during badminton session, I met apple. He told me Wednesday night training only 3 person....who are they???

4T......Teng Teng Teng Teng!!!

They are Hock Kooi, Ah Cheong and of course Apple. Then late a bit Kok Teik also coming.

Apple in Action

Kok Wan in Action

Sunny Kok also in the game.

Due to raining and traffic Jam, not much people come to play badminton. I was late too....!! :-(

After Badminton, we went to eat dinner at Jelutong

apple and the char mee

Sunny and the Char Puim

after the dessert

we go to visit Ah Quah as his grandmother demise

Quah will not coming to training for next 2 training session.

He and Yoko will have wedding dinner on 15th November 2008 at Jade Palace. They told me that if his grandmother pass away on the same day of his wedding dinner, what he going to do?
cancel the dinner or proceed? if you were him, what you going to do? (tough situation.....)

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