Sexy underwear model at Dragon Boat Training 15102008

Don't know what date in Chinese calendar today, the sea water level is so low

sea mud

it kind of problem to lift the boat down to sea

anyway, what we have is team spirit and nothing can stop us from training if we want to

All of us come after off work, some still in their working uniform.

remember there are new fashion from Japanese which the underwear is display at outside

and we have our very own local version of BUM underwear model - Mr. Hun

sexy under wear?

we have it too...=รพ

not only that, look at the pant. It hip hop too...!

Mr. Froggy

Whatever characteristic, personality, type of people, we come from different place and meet up together to training. One Team, One Mind, One Goal is our quote!!!

Attendance of the Day:
new member
Kok Teik

Teong Ming
Hock Kooi
Yao Ming

Steerman: Bak Bak.

attendance no good...with these people, we can only participate in 10 man small boat race on Pesta Race. Management still considering if want to participate in 20 man boat since the attendace is so bad.

The training:

end the training as it kind of hard to pull the boat back to dock if too late as the sea water level getting low and lower.

have dinner with Apple at Macallum Street after that.

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