Boat Servicing after Dragon Boat Training

Today sea training at 9.30am and i wake up at 9.10am, by the time i get ready and arrive training site already 10am which the boat already went out. Just left Ah Hun's Dog

and the site is clear. Actually I do not aware that Luke and 1 junior member were resting inside the shelther. Today weather is super Hot, not hot super hot. Yesterday I burned my buttock during training but today my skin burned by the sun.

I took the kite i brought yesterday and play while waiting for them to come back. Choo Hooi also come over to fly the kite while i managing the string which is messing up.

The attendance of the day:
Left Rower
Chee Boon
Ah Hun
Ah Sang
Ah Jin
Kok Teik

Right Rower
Quah (Leave early)
Roti Keong (go back to take some tools)
Ah Chew
Ah Tan
Hai Kau (Tai Kong)
Wei Sheng

Attendance of left rower not so good and Luke have to row at left side to balance up.

The Training:

end the training around 11.15am

pull up the boat and parking.

apple took the kite and play but fail to raise it up.

Ah Hun bath his dog.

some of them start to brush the training support boat.

that is why Roti Keong go back to take tools to clean up the boat before painting.

Brushing the side of the boat. (watch your step and don't fall)

Roti Keong Brushing the bottom of the boat

Apple washing his face as the weather is super hot.

Kok Teik and Ah Jin help to hold and support the boat while others brushing the boat.

From 10 or more people brush the boat until left Kok Teik, Roti Keong, Steve, Jin and Apple only. Soon, we'll go to training at Queensbay once the training support boat is ready.

As Usual, we went to Treeshade restaurant have lunch. Hock Lye working today and not coming for training. While waiting for him to off work at 12.15pm, we have papadum first

Today we order slighly different from what we always order.

The Curry Fish Head

Vegetable - A Must

Tao Hu

Thai Style Chicken

and last one, Bawang Nui. (Union Egg)

Ah Tan and Ah Jin eat until sweat. Sweat because of hot weather + the spicy curry fish head.

Total cost for the whole meal is RM48 + Drink RM7.70

Hock Lye Kapster. Talking about Dragon boat

Apple Listen until gong gong 

Input from Ah Jin and Ah Tan on Hock Lye's Theory

This is the mess after the meal. Guess it good to sleep after the lunch.

We'll meet up at Kok Teik's house at 4.00pm later to climb up "cheng ji chan" (Thousand two hundred step) to pray pray. Drop by Kok Teik's house if you interest to join.

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