Apple's Birthday at Sungai Ara

Apple celebrate his 29 or 30 years old (not sure) birthday at Ah Tan House. It was early celebration because Ah Tan travelling to USA during the week of his actual Birthday. His actual birthday fall on Halloween night, you know the date?

I was the one who arrange for the food (partly) on his birthday. This caterer - Ani was introduced by Su Ching (widely promoting) because they can cooked a nice and delicious malay food. Whenever there are Dato Kong praying at WorldFish, Su Ching definately will call for her. I went to meet up with Ani at Thang Siang temple on Friday to order the food and collect to food on Saturday at Sekolah Menengah Sungai Ara

We ordered Nasi Tomato - RM30

Ayam Masak Merah - RM 60 (1 piece RM3, kind of expensive)

Cucuk Badak and Karipap - RM12 (Rm0.40 each)

Cucuk Udang - RM 15

Archa (Vege) - RM 15 and Kurma Kambing - RM10 (not manage to take the photo)

While Luke incharge to order some others food like fried fish

Satay at RM0.70 per stick

and others food like curry fish, watermelon, jambu rojak, bangkuang rojak and bla bla bla, can't recall....

But, I remember got wine, Finlandia Mango Volka

Bacardi Lemon

Beer - Skol & Carlsberg

and more stocks....!

let check out who in the house?
Kok Teik in the house

Ah Quah in the House

Steve & Sunny in the house

Bak Bak & Hock Lye in the House

Gavin in the house

Chee Boon, Kok Teik's Daughter and Wife in the house

Luke and Hun in the house

and more people in the house

makan-makan (eating)

dan berbual-bual (and chit chating)

Yoko online to show her wedding photo and introduce some girl friend for apple.

After eat and drink, then come to the main purpose for tonight. 
You and Your Birthday Cake

Birthday song to apple.

We don't dare to do what had done on OJ's birthday last Saturday. As this Choco cake from Secret Recipe. look good and taste good.

Something happen between Hock Lye and Teong Ming on that night. I was sitting at Sofa and Hock Lye sitting next to me and Teong ming was sitting on floor and watch the football match, Liverpool vs ___________ and Chelsea vs __________. Then suddenly, Hock Lye slap Teong Ming's head....!

Teong Ming: "if want to gao kun (play), don't play on head"

(Hock Lye is not listening and I was try to say something to stop the incident but it happen too fast)

Hock Lye use the cushion and slap Teong Ming's head again. This is not "gao kun" anymore as Teong Ming was seriously warm he not to play on head.

Teong Ming walk over to the side and trying to slap back Hock Lye's head. Teong Ming missed because hock Lye avoid it and hit on the cake. The cake was slapped on floor.

Hock Lye start to get angry and hot and start to slap back Teong Ming harder on his head. This is over and people like Apple, Gavin, Quah, Kok Teik and most of them trying to separate and stop them from the fight.

They both staring on each others in eyes (like fall in love ar ne) and hock lye keep on "kan-ing" (scold) Teong Ming. We all try to calm them down and stop them. It no good for us to have such an issue in the boat. spoil the mood and the environment!!!

Anyway, the birthday party carry on. do not bother about them....blek :-p

Playing Game. Chor Dai Dee. Those who lose, have to drink the Volka. If you have 10 cards on hand, then have to bottom up the drink. it excited when you have to drink....a few round im with 10 cards or more on hand.

Ah Hun in the game

Gavin in the game and Sunny as spectator

Hock Lye (period come) also in the game

around 11pm, Michael come.

They have a warm welcome for Michael

Getting Drunk

apple down

another new fashion by Hun

and apple falled sleep.

Before I leave around 12am, Ah Tan start second round of food.

After I left not long, Ah Tan "lok chap fong kau" (lock the door and release the dog). A Hun (the dog) quickly sit in front of the door and woof woof, not allow anyone approaching the door.

Michael want to go home, they don't want to let him go back.

Michael: "Fuck la, give me the key!"
Ah Hun take off his pant and showing his back side: "Ok you come to fuck."
Ah Hun with his pant down: "you either fuck me or you just drink."
As Michael not going to fuck him, then he have to drink.

The shake something weird and un-usual. mixed bacardi with beer, juice, soda, sprite, fruit and so on and drink. I don't know who is the victim but they just finish all the beer and liquors.

The party end around 2am + and they call know, those morning call type and lots of people laugh at background......KNS.....all drunk cat. I just wondering how they going to go training the next day morning....!!!

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