Good Bye, Thailand.

Wake up at around 9am Thai Time and going for breakfast at 10am where the breakfast already closed. However, still allow to eat before we're transferred to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Arrived the Airport around 11.30am, check in air-asia flight and take a group photo with the tour guide who has been follow us during our visit.

Our Flight is 2.05pm, so it still have plenty of time to shop around the duty free shop. I brought a swatch watch at 2170 baht where in Malaysia only sell for RM230 which the duty charge by the goverment for watch not really high.

However, it cheap to get alcohol at duty free shop. I brought 1 liter of DOM at Duty Free Shop in Penang Airport for only RM99 where i checked in Jusco Queensbay Mall sell for RM102 for 750ml.

Some of them having lunch at Burger King before we return back to Penang.

Arriving Penang Safely at 4.17pm. it tired but when you recall back:

it really fun and enjoyable trip. Somemore we won cash money 70000 baht on the race!

If next year, we going to take part, I'll join again....hehe :-)

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