Thailand Swan Boat Race Disaster

Day 3 in Bangkok. Today is the 20th Thailand International Swan Boat Race 2008 Opening. As usual, we took our breakfast at Hotel then depart to Race Site at Bangsai, Ayutthaya. The Opening at 9am. It kind of Hot today compare to yesterday.

after some speech of the Thailand Minister, they shoot something to the air to declare the opening of the event. something that in air parachute down all the participant country flag.

Our first race opponent is Hong Kong Team. If we win, we'll meet Thailand A in next race and we decided to win this race to meet Thailand A in next round.

The competition is not knockout. If you lose once, you still get 1 chance to win when in loser group. Each team just need to win twice to qualify to quarter final. 

Swan Boat after decoration

So, first round we won Hong Kong team with no problem. then we'll meet Thai A in next race in the afternoon around 3pm. If we won Thai A, we'll proceed to quarter final. In the waiting time, browse around the race site and took some photo of their food

many varieties of food selling at the stall. Got fried fish cake, boat mee, pork mee, bak hu rice, sausage, bornless chicken, dry food and so on. Due to oily and afraid of food poisoning, I just see only. don't dare to touch any.  After that, we got our lunch box

The rice OK, the chicken too oily, egg also. Just eat when you hungry. After eat, we rest at our canopy waiting to meet Thai A later. hehehe :-)

While resting, USA team came over to give souvenir to our team as a friendship and invite us to join in their race in US which very hard to happen to our team as the money is the concern

Suddenly, the wind blowed very hard, the TV and TV stand fell, then the canopy blowed up and blowed away from us. The rain fall heavily and everyone is running to shelther themselve up. the storm strike the race site without any sign.

At least 6 canopy in the row being blow away on the disaster

even the tongkang also pushed near the shore

and check out how they helping each other to secure the long boat as the long boat believe to have God reside. So, they can't simply let it un-attended in the events of storm

Thank Gods, no one is injure in this disaster.

and this is our hero, the Batman.....muahahha!

We also can't continue the races after striked by the storm. So, we went back to Hotel. 
A few of us like Paul, Gavin, Melvin, Tan went to Hotel gym workout while others go out again to Shopping at MBK. We gather again around 6pm and depart to KaoSan Road to have dinner.

It an interesting place where backpacker gather here. People with a bottle standing at road side watch Man U vs Liverpool that night. Scream together when Liverpool score. It sell liquor at road side, tattoo, club and restaurant. We having dinner at the Roof Bar & Restaurant

What attracted us to visit this restaurant? check out the unplug music in the air

The singer really good in singing and this is also very nice place

We ordered our food

Got tom yam kung (everybody got Thailand must order one), green curry chicken, shrimp omelette, Shrimp asparagus, pork spare rib fried sweet and sour. Total cost for this meal including drink is 1160 Baht.

After dinner, walk around KaoSan Road before go to Rachadapeech for massage again.
We took 2 hours massage then went back Hotel for second day competition.

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