Thailand Swan Boat Celebration Party

So, it time to celebrate! who care if you're win or lost. Train hard and play even hard.....!!!

before you got energy to celebrate, EAT. they have very nice char kuey teow, black soup mee, chicken soup mee, pork soup mee, buffet style rice, dessert and importantly Singha beer + liquors available for free.

while we eat, we drink. the live mini concert start in the background

You just need to enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the moment you was there, enjoy yourself.

and the music was nicely sing by the band. (watch the video, can you feel the enjoyment?)
that night was 15th of August in Chinese Calendar which is the moon festival. People eat moon cake and carry tanglong to celebrate moon festival. Joseph Chow was not forgetting the date and bring the tanglong present to the main singer of that night. hehe :-)

However, some are down with too much or alcohol. 

But who care, the celebration dinner still continue with more dance, more show

and more music

beside that, they also hire some ah kua (lady boy) to perform as well

be carefull while celebrate, these are ah kua (lady boy) too.

and these guys like kua koh tai (watch the show), arrange the chair in front of the stage

and watch the show:

this is the moment where my camera memory were full with all this clip. That is why, the quality of video only VGA. Anyway, just want to share with you guys the moment we were there.

During the event, there are session for souvenir presentation by the minister of Thailand. it a Photo Portrait we took during training Day and a set of video CD for the entire events for the pass 2 day. Too bad youtube not allow movie length more than 10 minute, else i'll show you guy.

keep drinking

and drinking

take photo eh take photo

and smell for Micheal's Chih Ko hen....hahahaha!

The celebration dinner end, we were transfer back to hotel by the coach. In the bus, speech by our Chairman - Joseph Kam:

By Joseph Chow

By Junior Leader - Jin Sheng

By Hock Lye - The Batman (mostly K people, not really speech...pssssh)

By Yao Ming

and others which already censored and removed from youtube. However, we still have others like song sing by soong:

and song sing by LAM

to entertain us on our way back to Hotel. Everyone is having fun and we keep the fun going in part 3....!!! =p

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