Bowling at Penang Bowl

As of we have appointment during training to go Bowling at Penang Bowl later in the afternoon at 4pm. So, here we are at Penang Bowl

8 of us, Melvin and Weberlynn, Quah and Yoko, Apple, Hock Lye, Hun and me bowl for 2 hours x 2 lane. As we always bowl at Jayabowl 1 stop cost us RM25 per hour while at Penang Bowl only charge 1 hour at RM21. Somemore the place is nicer, air conditioning, very nice lane as well as the bowling ball.

Melvin in action

apple in action

ah hun in action

Yoko and Weberlynn in action.

1st hour, we play in group. Hun, Hock Lye, me and Yoko in group A while Melvin, Apple, Quah and Weberlynn in group B. For those group lost have to push up 30 count. On top of that we also play individual game. the lowest last 3 score another 30 count. 

On second hour as Yoko stop playing. So, we just compete in individual game. all are good player can't really make much mistake. Ya....having fun! then we have dinner at New BT cafe before i come back to blog this.

Tired already, going to take a bath and kaban-non liao....bye!

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