Clubbing at Thailand before Race

It took about 40 minute or less to arrive Maxx Hotel. We're starving after arrive Hotel as still not taking anything food since Lunch. So, we walk to Fuji Japanese Restaurant at TOP hypermarket at RCA. I ordered a Japanese bento:

you guess how much? It got shrimp tempura, sotong tempura, fish tempura, teriyaki chicken, soba, grilled salmon, sushi, sashimi + green tea it cost only 220 baht. some took teppanyaki:

It also cost not more than 300 baht which you can't get it anywhere in Penang. it darn full to finish up the whole bento. After that we went to route66 to digest our food :-) hehe!

We first arrive here at route66 east is empty, not much people. The place it white in theme, play RnB music with the MTV projected.

While the other side Route66 west is having Federventure Party season II in conjunction with the new beer launching called: Federbrau

since there are new beer launching, then they have beer tasting as well as beer drinking competition. they called up all the Thai Hot Chicks to the stage and drink. Who finish up the bottle in faster time, WIN.

So, are we having fun? look at apple, you know the answer.

Moving back to Route66 east, it filling up. The people come from nowhere and it only Thursday night. Just wondering if Penang Club got so many people on Thursday night

Check out the DJ:

Check out the music:

and check out the people:

It such a nice place. so happenning.....hehehe!

After some drink

I need to wee wee

when passby route66 west, it live.

So, are we happy? check out apple again:

After this, apple down

A lot more photo taken:

after the party (guess all the food digested), we went back to hotel with:

no just the car park outside. We went back with cab

that it, Day 1 in Bangkok. :-)

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