Badminton at Permata Sport Center, Penang

After off work from WorldFish Center at 6.15pm, I go to play badminton at Permata Sport Center. Supposingly I plan to go gym workout first before going to play badminton. Who know off work late, so straight away go to play badminton.

The player have Ah Hun, Hock Lye, Ah Jin, Apple, Ivan, Cosmas, Khoo and so on which i don't know their name. We booked 2 court and only pay RM7 per person to Ivan as the fee.

Forget I play how many game but it sweat a lot (even can't hold the racket well with sweat on hand) and really tired

Ah Hun and Hock Lye in Action
Their Opponent, Khoo and Ivan.
next court, apple partner with Jin vs Cosmas and Friend
even they both took off the shirt, show the body and still loss to Ivan and Khoo, 15 mark and 10 mark.

After exercise especially when you sweat a lot, you have more appetit to eat. We went to near by kopitiam (coffee shop) to have dinner. Hock Lye ordered Dry maggi mee. 
I don't want to eat that as my father occassionally with prepare for me as breakfast. I ordered Jawa Mee.

Due to hungry or the Jawa mee was so tempting and nice, I finish it before i be able to take a photo of it. I recommend this to any food lovers. The stall is at Tong Hai An Kopitiam at Paya Terubong.
With only Jawa Mee, it won't enough. I ordered another chee cheong porridge. This one also best. However, i don't very like internal organ of pig, i just eat only. Don't really get into details of the taste.

Apple ordered a set of rice with fish, egg and soup. While eating, we met Kok Teik and his wife come over to "ta pao" (take away) some food for their children. Later, Luke, Lisa and her daughter also having dinner here. 

Chit Chat and planning to do what during Hari Raya Holiday. Got 2 days off + 1 day WorldFish center shutdown. Probably will go to Ipoh, the lost world of Tambun. Let See....!

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