Night Dragon Boat Training on 24092008

Before going to sea training, I play soccer with my colleagues at WorldFish Center.

Arriving the training site nicely. What i mean nicely?

The sky quite nice. However most important is they haven't start training yet. As i normally late arrive and they could be start training already. Once they start, they seldom return to dock until the training end. So, it going to be point less if you reach there late on week day training.

look at Ah Hun clearing some dirt on our support boat. Just wondering when we'll start using it to training at more far queensbay...!!!

People still chit chating

the boat still park there

and the attendance of the day: Chong Jin, Luke (leave early), Gavin, Melvin (late arrival), Apple Teong Ming, Ah Tan, Yau Ming, Cheong, Jin Hean, Hun, Kok Teik....! who else?
***Sorry if i miss someone else as this solely depend on my own recall memory!

The training: -hacked-

Training end around 8pm+, wash up and having dinner at Sar Tiao Lor (3th Street) where place famous with Hokkien Mee.

I ordered Char Hor Fun as my father always get me Hokkien Mee as Breakfast. So don't want to eat Hokkien Mee again.

The Fried Hor Fun was not bad. Ah Hun, Batman, Apple and Hean ordered Hokkien Mee with additional ingredients like eggs, hoon chiang, mee, fish cake and so on. It cost from RM2.60 up to RM5-8.

With just that as dinner after training, it actually not enough. Hock Lye side order "Ji Tao Kua" 

and i ordered another meal, instant cook Kuey Teow Th'ng (koay Teow Soup). As the koay teow th'ng trigger ah Jin appettit, he also getting that but with maggi mee as the noodle

After clearing the n round of food,

Hock Lye (Batman) ordered Chicken Chop.

and i ordered chee cheong fun to share

then apple also getting bbq chicken butt to share as well

Don't know why can be so good appettit. Hock Lye said some time he took rice as dinner, after that he still can cook maggi mee (double up) to eat in late night. darn, crazy!!

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