The taste of Winning in Thailand Swan Boat Race

Day 4 in Bangkok, second day in the race. Due to heavy rain, we continue our race today to compete with Thai A. As planned, we lost to Thai A and go to loser group and compete with Hong Kong Team Again (which we won in the first race)

While in loser group, it a knockout race. if you lose, then you lose. Hong Kong team gave us a good challenge but we knocked them out. Then we move up the chart to meet the next winner in loser group. As analysis, we meet up our number 1 rival team, pacific west when they knockout another Hong Kong team. This race is to determine who get at least 70000 baht back home.
Without explaining much, let look at the video to find out yourself:

After the race, we just have short period of time to rest before going for next race to meet back the Thai A team once they lose to Myammar in winner group. Due to short notice, we're pull by motor boat to the starting point <----special priviledge huh!!! :-D if we win this round, we'll meet Thai C which team lose to Myammar in Winner group. As you see Ah Tan already bath:

and the clothes also drying up

and people are resting and chatting 

you know we're not make it to the final. So the grand final for 20th Thailand International Swan Boat Race will be Myammar Vs Thai A. For us, it free and easy time while waiting for the celebration dinner to held here at the same place at 6.00pm

I took the photo of the sky

the race site

The audiences and the people

The Kids

The Dog

and the show (Thai Music Instrument)

Some of them trying to eat the insect as food. I also try the insect, it still taste OK but for the worm, it too geri (gross).....Yuck!!!

After that we visit the aquarium. Didn't know in the center also got aquarium to see. not much fish but can enjoy the air conditional inside....hehehe!

It also time for closing ceremony after visiting the aquarium. Same like yesterday, the sky change again. it a sign before the storm. Look at the sky:

Anyway, the prize ceremony still successfully done. The Champion of 20th International Swan Boat Race - Myammar, walk away with 400,000 baht 

then follow by Thailand C, 

and Malaysia Penang Forward Sport Club with Prize Money 70,000 Baht

Right after the prize giving ceremony and closing of 20th Thailand International Swan Boat Race 2008, the wind and rain strike as usual. this time the canopy was patch. However, the rain is really heavy and i never see such a heavy rain combine with Wind. Luckily we learned and cover ourself in the center. 

The celebration dinner is at open air area. have to wait until the rain stop. Let stay tune!

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