Fly with AirAsia to Thailand Swan Boat Race

Taking Air Asia FD3544 Flight from Penang to Bangkok on 11th September 2008

nothing to do on the flight and getting excited to visit Thailand again. As i first time visit Thailand was 2005. it also for the purpose of Swan Boat Race. This is my third time taking part in Bangkok International Swan Boat Race.

Play around with my camera feature on the flight, which one nicer?

We depart at 5.05 and arriving Suvarnabhumi International Airport only 5.35pm Thai time.

Michael, Gavin, Apple & Batman

Very nice, clean and special Thailand Survanabhumi International Airport. First thing to do is take some photo. Second thing to do is get a botol of Whisky

Third thing is get the luggage. 

While Waiting for the Luggage, snap this photo:

very nice and sharp color poster. Then transfer to Hotel Maxx.

4282 big RM10, small RM10 ABC RM20. hahaha!

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